Gommus Go!Zero, the eco-friendly sole


Go!Zero is the perfect answer to a specific request: to design products that fully respect the environment throughout their life cycle. The project carried on by Gommus, Marche-based company that strongly believes in the need to implement an eco-friendly model as well as in the use of low-impact materials, is the result of an in-depth research that has led to the launch on the market of a wholly non-hazardous compound for soles moulding.

Go!Zero is a material conceived to design degradable articles in a very short time (1236 months in optimal conditions), compared to the longer schedule required for a standard product, while keeping Gommus’ most praised features, that is, lightness, comfort, aesthetic appeal and a fascinating chromatic palette.


gommus go zero

Go!Zero was tested by “Ecologia Applicata”, the Scientific Institute for Environmental Research recognized by the Lombardy Region, that highlighted a degree of degradation in compost amounting to 34.53% in 180 days, according to the parameters set by the UNI EN ISO 14855 protocol (Determination of the ultimate aerobic biodegradability of plastic materials under controlled composting conditions. Method by analysis of evolved carbon dioxide). At the end of tests, the trend curve developed on the base of concrete data assessed the theoretical achievement of complete (100%) decomposition in 502 days.

The same Institute also evidenced the complete lack of phytotoxicity in the decomposed material, that is, a compound containing SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) with the addition of a degradability adjuvant, acting as an additive, at the rate of 1% in terms of weight. www.gommus.it