GUARDOLIFICIO TRE BI, the beauty of the Italian workmanship


Ongoing innovation, production efficiency and customization: GUARDOLIFICIO TRE BI, the company based in Treviso province, is a small, all-Italian enterprise boasting an international success

Relying on more than thirty years of experience in the field of footwear components, Tre Bi has managed to win over an international clientele comprising some of the most renowned Italian and foreign fashion houses: specialized in the production of welts on behalf of third parties, the company, over the years, has experienced a growing competitiveness, thus achieving a remarkable success that has caught the attention of the main luxury markets.

Saverio e Sandra Peron

Saverio e Sandra Peron

All-Italian quality, professionalism, well- established know-how and constant investments in innovation and research: these are just some of the core values embodied by Tre Bi, features that have actively contribute to turn this small business into the ideal and qualified partner to shoe and sole factories, leatherware firms, printers and celebrated brands. “Our product portfolio encompasses a wide range of solutions – available in bonded leather, rubber and leather – as well as of processing techniques and materials combinations: all the articles stand out for the fine workmanship and the favourable quality/price ratio, always in line with the main fashion and market trends,” stated Sandra Peron, who, together with her father Saverio, is at the helm of the company based near Treviso. “Corporate technicians work side by side with the customer to develop cutting-edge prototypes and customized projects, so as to effectively fulfill all kinds of requests.” The entire processing cycle is carried out in-house, in the plant located in Cornuda: the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies and of a computer-assisted management system allows the highly qualified staff to closely and consistently monitor all production phases, ranging from the acquisition of the raw materials – carefully selected and purchased from Italian slaughterhouses – up to the manufacturing of the finished product. “Orders are handled promptly, in full compliance with the delivery schedule and with the commitments taken on to the clientele. Moreover, thanks to the professional skills acquired in this field, we are able to provide specialized technical advice and recommend the most suitable solution tailored on each specific need,” explained Saverio Peron, owner and founder of Tre Bi.

GUARDOLIFICIO TRE BI camera blindata

The strongroom: a large stock of hides is required for the just-in-time production


All the raw materials are carefully selected and purchased from Italian slaughterhouses