Guardolificio Tre Bi, Welts’ excellence

Guardolificio Tre Bi
Guardolificio Tre Bi is at the forefront in the production, entirely carried out in Italy, of a pivotal component for quality shoes.

Welts are a key element, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also when it comes to the making of comfortable, waterproof, and sturdy shoes. The careful selection of raw materials, the precise and high-performance procedures, the keen eye for fashion trends: these elements lie at the core of successful product, able to win over both the market and the customers’ loyalty.

Guardolificio Tre Bi
Guardolificio Tre Bi is well aware of this, since the company headquartered in Treviso province is specialized in the manufacturing, on behalf of third parties, of welts, available in an ample range of models and options, all designed to meet the footwear industry’s specific needs. Thanks to its well-established skills, know-how and experience, Tre Bi has become a trustworthy partner for sole and shoe factories, able to provide a topquality, value-added article.

sandra peron

Sandra Peron, Guardolificio Tre Bi

“Our products are tailored on the customer’s demands,” explained Sandra Peron, at the helm of the firm together with her father Saverio, when we met her at the latest edition of Lineapelle. “We customize our welts according to the shoe’s peculiar shape and size. We strive to fulfil every request, in our ongoing pursuit of quality and excellence, focusing on the processing of leather, micro and synthetic fibres. Recently, we have developed a Goodyear welt conceived for a vegan model launched by the English brand Barker.”

Right now, the market is on the lookout for solutions featuring eco-friendly materials and techniques. Hence the need, as explained by Peron, “to invest in research projects concerning increasingly low-impact components – ranging from glues to dyestuffs -, in full compliance with the specification set by prominent brands. As for men’s shoes, aesthetically speaking, the new trends highlight the appeal of classic design: the spotlight is on a British-like, clean, refined, evergreen style, that requires a “suitable” welt.

We have plenty of English customers working in the elegant men’s footwear market and this helps us counterbalance the penalizing effects of the sneakers’ worldwide success.” The whole production process is carried out in Italy, in the Cornuda-based facility, where technological innovation and a qualified staff ensure the utmost efficiency, versatility and competitive prices.