Guido Cami re-elected President of adhesives and sealants Avisa

Guido Cami ICF Group

Ing. Guido Cami President of adhesives and sealants Avisa

Guido Cami, president of the ICF Group, was re-elected President of the Adhesives and Sealants Group of Avisa (Association of paints, inks, sealants and adhesives) for the second consecutive term, Federchimica sector association, part of Confindustria. The mandate lasts three years.

Avisa is the national association that represents the manufacturers of adhesives and sealants, printing inks, paints and varnishes.

Avisa is one of the 17 Federchimica Industry Associations. The National Federation of Chemical Industry is part of Confindustria and adheres to Cefic.

The Association is entrusted, in an exclusive way, with the representation and safeguarding of the interests of the associated companies, the competence and treatment of problems of specific interest to the sector, assistance on the technical-economic level of the member companies and the protection of the image.

The activity of the Association is particularly concentrated in the following areas: legislation and regulations of interest, statistical surveys and economic surveys, promotional activities and support for exports, research and development, communication.

Through its articulation in market sectors, with the support of technical committees and work groups, it offers the privileged member companies information and comparison services on common themes also through the realization of seminars, conferences and workshops.