H:CE Luxury on snow Quality and unique style.

The brand based in the Marche region designs fashionable shoes combining a comfortable fit and technical functionality. From Milan to Copenhagen, from Kiev to Vienna, from Florence to Brussels, from Moscow to Prague, up to Berlin. The shoes manufactured by the brand H:CE – Luxury for People perfectly embody the excellence of Italian manufacturing, synonymous with the creativity, with the longstanding experience and well-established know-how of Calzaturificio Creative – company headquartered in Civitanova Marche specialized in the production of shoes featuring a “Scandinavian” design, entirely handmade in accordance with the traditional craftsmanship techniques handed down from father to son.

All the furs and natural hides employed (seal, mink, fox, lapin, sheepskin, and more) are certified and selected carefully by experts. For instance, seal skins are supplied from sustainable Inuit sources, imported to Europe from Greenland in full compliance with the European Commission Regulation 1007/2009 (Inuit Sealskin Greenland).

The elegant luxury as well as the exclusive style go hand in hand with the top-nothc manufacturing quality and the most advanced technologies: the final result is a fashionable shoe boasting the utmost comfort and technical functionality. The peculiar natural rubber sole, provided with a retractable hook that acts as a small crampon, allows to safely walk on snowy and icy surfaces. www.hiceshoes.com