Don Diego Ecosoles, eco-friendly soles

don diego
The Marche-based company Don Diego enhances processing scraps by recycling and reintroducing them in the production cycle. A true asset for its economy and for the environment as well.

 “Enjoy our Ecological Soles”: this is not a mere slogan for Don Diego, but also a true declaration of intent. The company based in Porto Potenza produces a whole range of soles made with recycled materials, in full compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14021:2016 requirements. As confirmed by the certification released by Bureau Veritas Italia, the article Ecosoles allows to enhance production scraps – otherwise destined to become industrial waste -, by recycling a share of waste equal to 6.8% of the end article’s overall volume, in addition to the reuse of secondary raw materials by 15%, while keeping unchanged the top-notch quality and performance standards traditionally guaranteed by Don Diego.

The company established by the owner Ermanno Donati, currently supported by his son Diego, has been fostering for years a policy focused on responsible, ecosustainable production. “We send nothing to the landfill, except normal urban waste,” underlined Ermanno Donati. “We recycle our own processing scraps, partly in-house and partly by relying on a specialized enterprise, able to collect and enhance said material, turning it into grains that can be easily re-introduced in the manufacturing cycle.” According to the tests carried out on a whole range of technical features such as traction, stretching and more, Ecosoles’ results are in line with those of the products made with virgin raw materials. “To some extent, they are even better,” stated Donati. “The only downside lies in the chromatic palette: we are developing new solutions in order to widen the number of available options, adjusting it to that of traditional articles.”