Inblu new summer collection comfortable and trendy

The new summer collection designed by Inblu features refined lines as well as eye-catching, trendy creations, with a keen eye for comfort and the fit. All these models are manufactured with cutting- edge technological processes that have utterly changed the way sandals and slippers are produced

The history of Inblu began in the 70s in Verolanuova (Brescia) as a sole and heel manufacturer. In 1982 the company began producing the footwear we know today.In order to tell the story behind Inblu one must tell the story of an extraordinary production idea behind a technology that changed the way of manufacturing sandals and flip flops.

This revolutionary process is known as CHIPS, a flip flop that has been manufactured using an “injection” manufacturing process: ensuring that the straps, inset and sole are constructed together without the use of glue or other adhesives.

In 1983 over 25m sandals were sold, it was the beginning of a business success story. Most of the Inblu footwear is injected with a highly performing plastic material called polyurethane. Thanks to this production process, Inblu products have great flexibility and are light and durable, a result that cannot be achieved by means of traditional footwear production methods.    


Inblu strives to meet its customer’s needs, offering a fashionable range of captivating models and focusing on wearability and providing good value for money. Comfortable, elegant and trendy: INBLU is the brand for those who enjoys comfort and style at any time of the day. Inblu, Always with you

Inblu is a sustainable and energy efficient company. The Inblu office in Italy is powered by a photovoltaic system producing 440,000 kWh of clean energy every year. The system consists of 2,156 photovoltaic modules preventing 250 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. By using renewable energy sources Inblu confirms its commitment towards sustainability and responsible business practice.