INDOSWISS Top quality items, value for customers

Established in 2006, IndoSwiss is a leading boutique sourcing firm, a symbol of high-quality leather products, offering an end-toend holistic all-encompassing ecosystem of supply, production and logistics. Right from initial sampling of raw material, to product development and its shipment, every operation is thoroughly followed up to ensure that each product is of flawless quality.

IndoSwiss was founded by two professionals driven by the vision to become valued partners in creating fashionable leather goods and transcend the boundaries that limit the capabilities of businesses in fashion. Mr. Amit Goyal, the Managing Director of the company, brings with him more than 15 years’ experience in the international footwear and sourcing industry while the director of the company, Mr. Sumit Goyal, boasts a rich background in the private label industry across global markets.


Aiming at changing the status quo that ‘only highly priced products are high on quality’, both of them meticulously, piece-by-piece, established an extensive network of suppliers with international compliance and ethical accreditations.

The company has a reputation of always evaluating clients’ requirements in detail and providing all required support after careful selection of the right suppliers: IndoSwiss serves as a bridge between high quality, finished products, and the international markets, and clients’ find working with them as if they have their own centralized office at offshore locations. Today, the company portfolio’s ranges from South America to Japan, covering more than half of the world in its market share. They also enjoy a strong presence and actively participate in world-renowned fashion tradeshows (ExpoRivaSchuh, Gardabags, MAGIC) where the fashion industry connects. Striving for quality and excellence, IndoSwiss’ team is known to always deliver the best the world has to offer in fashion and leather products.


And as they understand that quality, craft, and, cost are of paramount importance to our customers, they also take pride on being able to deliver on these factors to the highest level to ensure relationships can grow for years to come. Quality is the way of business at IndoSwiss – a philosophy that allows them to achieve excellence every single time. The firm has recently ventured in the PU Handbags, designed by expert designers in Italy keeping in mind a distinct feminine style, eye for details, functionality, and ease of use with a touch of sophistication.

These products are crafted using high quality PU leading factories in Myanmar to present a distinct advantage for the importing clients. Other than these, the company offers leather accessories too, manufactured using top-quality leather, featuring a unique, outstanding design. Beyond their comprehensive supply ecosystem, unparalleled focus on quality, and customer-centric approach, the products they offer play an equal role in helping them gain strong patronage and trust of their clients. There’s something very distinct about their products, the design, timelessness, and flawlessness, it all comes together to create every single piece of their product portfolio.