Io Pelle, An Italian story

Io Pelle
Founded by the designer Antonio Cristiano, the brand, over the years, has become a byword for high-end fashion and Italian style, renowned and praised worldwide.

Io Pelle
Antonio Cristiano, fashion stylist, designer and Io Pelle’s founder

Trendy bags and accessories featuring a vintage touch and an exclusive design, finely crafted down to the smallest detail, that perfectly embody the beauty and excellence of Italian manufacturing in its purest form: the creations developed by the Io Pelle have become a true example of Italian high-end fashion, praised worldwide not only for their top-quality materials, but also for their original, yet elegant style. Behind the international success of the Campania-based firm, there is the creative talent of its founder, that is, Antonio Cristiano, fashion stylist and designer. “The enterprise was established in 2002 and, in a short time, it has managed to gain a strong foothold in the Japanese market, where our articles are always well-received,” explained the brand representatives. “As far as sales are concerned, we are truly satisfied with the results registered abroad, as exports account for over 70% of the corporate revenues: among the main destinations, there is, obviously, Japan, but also France, the USA and several other nations.”

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Cornerstone of Io Pelle’s philosophy is the relationship with well-established customers: “We do not rely on local dealers, but we prefer to go and visit them directly, usually twice a year, besides meeting them during the exhibitions, especially Mipel and Pitti.”

The whole processing cycle, ranging from cutting operations up to quality control, is carried out in-house, in the corporate plant – 1500 square metres and 60 employees -, a choice resulting in a precise, effective orders management system as well as in prompt deliveries. “Among our strengths, a special goes not only to the excellent price/quality ratio, but also to a peculiar processing technique, that is, a 3D mould that we keep upgrading season after season, by steadily developing new effects and patterns. With regard to materials, we prefer soft hides such as calfskins, carefully selected and processed skilfully.”