ITALIANA ACCESSORI, Comprehensive service and top-notch products

In 2019 ITALIANA ACCESSORI, company based in Montevarchi (Arezzo province), has celebrated its 30th anniversary. And now it is ready to take up the new challenges set by the most renowned fashion brands.

A comprehensive range of services, reliability, technology, top-notch solutions as well as the ability to constantly provide new solutions. These are the distinctive traits embodied by ITALIANA ACCESSORI that, for three decades, has been dealing with the design, development and production of customized decorations for garments, footwear and leatherware collections, manufacturing premium accessories for high-end fashion and for the apparel industry.

rudi migliorini

Rudi Migliorini

The company headquartered in Montevarchi (Arezzo province) is specialized in the making of appliqués and components for all types of fabrics and hides. “On the occasion of the fair,” explained the owner of ITALIANA ACCESSORI, Rudi Migliorini, when we met him at the corporate stand set up for the October edition of Lineapelle, “we put on display the latest innovations in our sector, while paying close attention to colours and trendy motifs. At the end of the day, the combinations of nuances and materials, as well as the range of new, customizable shapes, truly make the difference.” In the face of an increasingly demanding and sophisticated market, ITALIANA ACCESSORI succeeds in constantly providing concrete solutions.


“All our customers, starting with top-level fashion brands,” explained the owner of the Tuscan firm, “are looking for innovative articles compared to the previous collections. In order to be at the forefront and retain our position as a significant partner to the industry companies, we have adjusted to this trend and we have strived to effectively fulfill said demand. Acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of small metal parts, our company has experienced a shift in attitude, from the launch of the articles in bulk to their application on end products, either a bag or a shoe.” Relying on his experience as an entrepreneur, Migliorini highlighted the pivotal role played by industry districts.


“For a company such as ours, specialized in the decoration of finished articles, close collaboration with the skills of other firms is deemed imperative. The projects we carry out are usually complex ones and, for this reason, it is of pivotal importance to be part of a district.” Last but not least, we asked to ITALIANA ACCESSORI’s owner to give us an overview concerning the challenges awaiting the firm in the third decade of the XXI century. “With regard to the upcoming future, from 2020 onward,” explained Rudi Migliorini, “everything is up to us, depending on our projects and on our ability to fall into step with the evolution of style trends and demands.


“Our sector works in close contact with the high-end fashion industry, a sector that keeps changing at a hectic pace. A pivotal role will be played by a constant, open-minded exchange of ideas, both within our team and with all our external partners, so as to guarantee innovative decorative solutions that, if possible, can be marketed on a large scale.” – Instagram: Italiana_accessori

AN INTERVIEW WITH THE FASHION DESIGNER ELISA TADDEI “A daily dialogue on new solutions is a true incentive”

elisa taddei

Elisa Taddei

ITALIANA ACCESSORI’s close-knit “team” can rely on the experience and talent of a professional designer as well, Elisa Taddei, who works within the company, cooperating not only with the owners, but also with graphic designers, production managers and much more. “It’s a key collaboration,” explained Elisa Taddei, who in turn attended the latest edition of the Lineapelle exhibition at the stand set up by the Tuscan company, “given that, by sharing ideas, it is always possible to bring new things to life.

Research and style analysis are exciting activities, I never turn down ideas and suggestions sent my way. This partnership was kicked off in view of the industry trade fairs, but it has been carried on in the following months as well. To strongly support one’s ideas is a common practice, however, dialogue and cooperation are pivotal tools that should not be discarded. In a nutshell, we can say that “teamwork is the real thing”, as daily, face-to-face interactions might result in the implementation of shared solutions: if I had the chance to decide for myself, sometimes the outcome would be different. In this context, a strategic role is played by a work-oriented attitude, by overall expertise and by an in-depth knowledge of the sector: said abilities can be perfected only when working in close-knit group.”

“Said interchange takes place outside the company as well,” added Taddei, that, after her design degree, had several work experiences, including in an embroidery factory, before becoming a fashion stylist. “It often happens that, during catwalk shows, the designers of the brands with which we cooperate, fall in love with our creations, much to their surprise. Furthermore, you must be able to “customize” the clientele all year long, to come up with new articles, basically, to always be up to date. For the rest, we gather plenty of market requests from all directions: it is no longer a world enclosed between the four walls of an office, a trend confirmed by the brand-new ITALIANA ACCESSORI’s headquarters, where we moved a year ago: it’s an open world, with no boundaries, where there is an ongoing exchange and where everybody can share ideas and experiences with others.”
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