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Italiana Accessori is specialized in the design and production of decorations and accessories for the most renowned fashion brands. Its added-value products enhance the identity and character of footwear, leather goods and clothing items.

italiana accessori
Expertise, passion, creativity. In order to be a step ahead the dynamic fashion industry, Italiana Accessori keeps drawing fully on its well-established knowhow and skills acquired in thirty years of experience in the business, while relying on the implementation of precision technologies that support and enhance craft tradition. The company headquartered in Montevarchi has managed to progressively establish itself as one of the most prominent benchmarks in the manufacturing of decorations and accessories for the footwear, leatherware and luxury garments sectors.

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The Tuscan company is a prominent company in the field of thermos-adhesive processes

The in-house laboratory is specialized in the making of components on behalf of the most renowned fashion brands, with a keen eye for in-depth research concerning materials, their shapes and finishes – a steady commitment that goes hand in hand with the design and sampling phases. “Italiana Accessori is a leader especially when it comes to thermoadhesive processes,” explained Elisa Taddei, fashion stylist and designer that cooperates with the company not only for the creation of the collection, but also in the development and enhancement of each single detail so as to diversify every model. “Over the last few years, market demands have resulted in our specialization in several types of decorations, ranging from the application of studs and rhinestones to embroidery and lasering techniques. However, our firm has been boasting amazing skills and expertise in the use of thermo-adhesive materials.” Italiana Accessori can rely on state-of-the-art technologies for prototyping operations, conceived to show to the customers the achievable potential and opportunities, thus providing them with useful ideas and concepts for the development of their projects. From the graphic design stage to manual procedures, the enterprise features the required know-how for the processing of suedes and fabrics through the hot application of an endless array of rhinestones and vinyl-films.

The variety of colours, shapes and sizes of the small metal parts designed by the world’s most prominent manufacturers, including Swarovski and Preciosa, allows to reach such a level of customization so as to guarantee the utmost customer satisfaction. As a matter of fact, thermo-adhesive processes result in a highly sophisticated decorative style, that merges well-defined patterns and details, purposefully tailored to individual needs. – Instagram: Italiana_AccessoriStudiostile_Elisat