ITALSFORM, Coconut fibre, sustainable shoes

The core concept lies in the ongoing research of innovative, eco-friendly materials. Here is the new trend pursued by ITALSFORM, a company based in San Mauro Pascoli.

Leading company in the production of semifinished items for shoes, outsoles, leather and rubber single-piece soles, Italsform is still bent on pursuing its core mission, that is, to provide top-level footwear manufacturers as well as the most prominent fashion brands with a cutting-edge product in terms of style research, use of innovative materials and quality of production processes. The creativity of the firm headquartered in San Mauro Pascoli (Forlì Cesena province) was conveyed through eco-fashion solutions, conceived to keep up the pace with the growing attention and awareness shown by consumers and by the fashion industry when it comes to environmental safeguard and sustainability. Here are the words of the company’s owner, Davide Sarpieri.

The Italsform’s soles in coconut fibre

Davide Sarpieri, where did you get the idea for a coconut fibre sole? This idea is the result of a constant research concerning the upgrading and the optimization of the resources employed, a corporate philosophy that we have been carrying on for quite some time, and, above all, of the desire to take up the manufacturing of eco-friendly products.

What are the distinctive traits of this sole when it comes to performances and design? What are, on the other hand, the limitations compared to your traditional articles? Undoubtedly, the lightness of the material and its thermal insulation properties. As far as design is concerned, we have developed a surprising sole, conceived for customers that usually prefer sporty, unconventional outfits, that take care of the environment and of their own wellbeing. Compared to our classic articles made in natural rubber and leather, the only “downside”, at the moment, lies in abrasion. We are bent on improving its performances, so as to meet our production standards in terms of quality.

Do you think that the coconut sole can be a suitable solution for all seasons? At the latest edition of Lineapelle, we put on display a version of the sole in coconut fibre featuring the application of a rubber. However, we believe that, at the moment, it is not a suitable article for the winter season. For this reason, we are developing new ideas in order to make this sole a functional solution even for the coldest months of the year.

Is it possible to secure this sole without using glue? Undoubtedly. It is possible to avoid using glue, as the sole can be simply stitched. The latter is a solution that allows to further reduce the employment of any potentially hazardous substance for the environment.

Do you have any other eco-friendly project in the pipeline? Definitely so, as we are focusing on several innovations. Right now, we can only say that we are singling out and analysing eco-friendly products, with a keen eye for raw materials’ selection, while striving to recycle resources without exploiting new ones.