JAPAN BOOTH Japanese footwear craftsmanship at MICAM 86


Here are the seven debuting brands hosted in the Hall 1 – dedicated to luxury -, where they put on display models featuring an Eastern allure as well as the unique quality and comfort, shoes that we would like to wear on special occasions. Japanese-made shoes, showcased at the latest edition of Micam, embody the manufacturing excellence of a sector boasting a longstanding history of craftsmanship and tradition. In Hall 1 – the one dedicated to luxury -, an exclusive booth celebrated the participation of a collective group made up of seven companies through essential elements of Nipponese iconography, interpreted in a contemporary fashion: Momiji bonsais, scarlet maples and Karesansui, the waterless Zen garden built with rocks and sand. A perfection-driven attitude as well as the passion for beautiful, well-crafted models are the distinctive traits of a niche product, that stands out due to the use of the finest hides, to its artistic touches and to the strict monitoring of the whole processing cycle – an article designed for conscious consumers with a keen eye for quality and creativity. The whole management of the Japan Booth project was entrusted by Meti-Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to Jetro, a governmental association that aims at fostering mutual investments and trade opportunities between Japan and the rest of the world. www.jetro.go.jp


MATSUMOTO Ranging from elegant shoes to sneakers, the array of models designed by this renowned brand, dating back to the Matsumoto family, meets the most eclectic and refined tastes. The Oriental Shoes Co., Ltd company employs Japanese materials, resulting in a comfortable, top-quality product. The brand’s distinctive traits are the polished silhouette and the Goodyear technique, the latter enhanced by the use of soft buckskins for the inner lining. oriental-shoemaker.com  


KITEN Kiten relies on craftsmen specialized in luxury and vintage style, using only the finest materials. The excellent manufacturing as well as the refined finishes enhance the hides’ authenticity www.nichiman.co.jp


SPINGLE MOVE Spingle Move uses state-of-the-art techniques such as vulcanization. The brand stands out for its steady pursuit of quality: the distinctive traits of the shoes designed by Spingle Move are the curved sole, the handmade finishes and excellent comfort. www.spingle.jp/en/



HIROSHI ARAI’S LABORATORY OF “KUTU” The mission pursued by Hiroshi Arai’s Laboratory of “Kutu” (the leather turned into footwear thanks to Japanese techniques and motifs) is to create one-of-a-kind, must-have models. The classic Eastern design is reinterpreted, putting comfort in the limelight. www.h-arai.com


MIYAGI KOGYO Established in 1941 and initially specialized in the production of military boots, Miyagi Kogyo is currently renowned for its party and evening shoes, featuring a classic, refined, British-inspired style. Manufactured with wooden moulds and with natural cork – used for the inner structure -, the footwear designed by Miyagi Kogyo are lightweight, yet stable, devised to guarantee top-notch standards in terms of strength and durability. miyagikogyo.co.jp


KANPEKINA The brand produced by Vinaseiko Co., Ltd favours a classic, timeless style. Kanpekina shoes are manufactured with top-quality hides and wooden moulds, while paying close attention to design and functionality. vinaseiko.com  


KYOKO SASAGE Elegance and bespoke luxury. The shoes designed by Kyoko Sasage draw inspiration from natural elements such as flowers and leaves in order to create artistic lines and details, while featuring a keen eye for functionality and comfort by paying special attention to anatomy and ergonomics principles. The main protagonists are the Himeji Kurozan hides featuring a peculiar tanning and lacquering methods, buckskins processed with traditional dyeing techniques and silks developed by Kyoto-based Tatsumura Art Textile. The beauty of Japanese craftsmanship is also displayed by heel finishes such as mother-of-pearl inlays and motifs with gold leaf painting. belpasso-acs.info