Jarking & Co., comfort shoes made in Mexico

JARKING confort shoes

As a shoe Factory Jarking was founded in 1991, with only 4 workers, specializing in high quality comfort shoes. With pride of delivering the highest quality of a hand-made product.
Today 200 specialists are committed to the job of making each pair of shoes a magnificent experience of comfort.
Jarking means the highest quality in shoe manufacturing. It is the cutting edge. It is Technology, that makes possible the best shoe of comfort.
The leadership in this market, is the result of the permanent attention to the needs of the customer. Jarking footwear is made through the most advanced manufacturing techniques for a truly comfortable product, for a market that demands the very best.

As a company Jarking, is built on the pillars of values: quality products and a philosophy of high quality and constant evolution.
The position in the national market and projection into the international one is possible only thanks to Jarking’s team, a bunch of permanent employees that are beneficial and serve customers, co-workers, providers, associates and stockholders.
The employees work under standards that are quality controlled through every step of the process. The company boast the Mexican shoe quality certificate, cutting edge machinery and the guarantee of our workmanship from other qualified specialists in footwear.


Through the years Jarking comfort has been enhanced, in the lookout of maximum comfort in every step through appealing shoe designs.
Each shoe is made paying the closest attention to key points that guarantee comfort from the very conception, using materials that are carefully selected from exotic imported deerskin, sheepskin and calf skin from the best animal breeders worldwide, offering a softness unequaled, always looking for intrinsic quality in all skins.
All of Jarking footwear is made from the best Mexican craftsmen, offering a product 100% comfortable, hand-made, and with the highest standard of quality.
As a matter of fact, Jarking has three different brand names to ultimately satisfy our customers, creating products that adapt to their life&style.

The Brand Jarking
Stands for a shoe ideal for the modern executive that looks for comfort and style, offering elegant classical styles with lines of comfort and cutting edge looks showing off, its California construction it is cushioned at the toe and heel.
The shoe is made with extremely soft skins and lining using technology for breathable and antibacterial in sole that give support to the foot. The shoe comes with an anti-slide sole high flexibility and is anti-shock.
Technology, tradition and passion is what makes Jarking’s craftsmen real specialists in comfort.
The quality of the product has made Jarking an established name on the market. Jarking’s Footwear goes to a great part of the country, through authorized distributors and to shoe stores in the most important cities in the country. Bringing together the high capabilities of production guaranteeing delivery, this assures our clients the very best service.
Jarking provides quality, comfort and rest. And don´t forget to take off the shoes at bedtime! www.jarking.com

Jarking & Co. will be present at the next edition of Sapica Mexican Shoes 2019 which will take place from 27 to 30 August 2019 at Poliforum León.


Sapica is the most important Mexican trade fair, a driving force behind the country’s footwear and leather goods industry, of which it is the largest and most complete showcase. The event takes place twice a year: in March, to promote the fall / winter season, and in August, to present instead the spring / summer. www.sapica.com