KEMAS, Constant innovation

Kemas, the company headquartered in Santa Croce sull’Arno provides its clientele with an ample range of chemical specialties for the tanning process – top-quality solutions, fully compliant with the current regulations and conceived to guarantee excellent results.

Established in 2007, yet boasting a long-standing experience in the development, manufacturing and sales of chemicals, Kemas is a dynamic enterprise, always at the forefront in terms of research and innovation: as a matter of fact, the company based in Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa province) provides its clientele with high-performance, prime quality chemical specialties, able to guarantee first-rate results in full compliance with the strict regulations concerning safety and the use of potentially hazardous substances, as well as to successfully meet the needs of an ever-changing, increasingly demanding market – a comprehensive array of products for the whole tanning process, including the wet-end (soaking and liming, tanning, retanning and dyeing) and finishing phases, in addition to the sales of raw materials (including sodium sulphide and sulphate, and basic chromium sulfate).

Furthermore, the firm supplies specialties and solutions to be used in several other end sectors, like plastics, paper, textile, footwear, ceramics, water treatment, mechanical engineering, metallurgy and wood. Kemas’ flagships are undoubtedly the in-house workshops: on the one hand, there is the analysis laboratory, provided with state-of-the-art equipment and tools for analytical chemistry, focused on quality control of both incoming and outgoing products. On the other hand, there is the test laboratory dedicated to small-scale trials, research activities and technological innovation projects: the corporate tanning technicians work side by side with the customer throughout the processing cycle, from the design phase to the actual manufacturing, assessing the peculiar characteristics of materials and procedures, so as to get top-notch results.

It’s in this second laboratory that all of Kemas’ specialties are developed, including the drum rubberization patent (Italian n. IT0001419763 and European n. EP3041962, “Tanning process for producing leather with high elastic properties and leather obtained”): it’s an innovative re-tanning method resulting in drum impregnation and rubberization, that entails the use of specific elastomer compounds during the wet phase – the leather thus treated features a rubbery aspect and, above all, unmatched levels of fullness and elasticity, besides being non-toxic, breathable and tear-proof. Said patent protects the products made with this specific technique as well: for this reason, the Tuscan company is carrying on an information campaign aimed at brands, analysis laboratories, tanneries and manufacturers, so as to fight off any attempt at counterfeiting or other unfair practices as well as to safeguard its work and the expertise of the people involved in the project.