KILESA, Luxury fashion made in Campania

Bianca Imbembo
Bianca Imbembo, Kilesa’s founder.

Kilesa manufactures innovative bags and accessories featuring an exclusive design, developed by skilled craftsmen in full compliance with quality and environmental specifications. A luxury product with an eye on the future.

The new Kilesa collection for the 2021 Spring/ Summer season.

The new Kilesa bags collection for the 2021 Spring/Summer season was influenced by a different scenario, freed from the urge to renovate. There is still the desire to change, but it is more rational, calmer. “The lack of limits becomes in turn a limitation,” explained Bianca Imbembo, entrepreneur and founder of the brand. “Hence, you look upon the past and the fascinating classics with nostalgia, in order to create accessories synonymous with a new concept of luxury, more authentic, more calibrated and more functional.” Primary geometric patterns and smooth surfaces are combined with contrasting cuts and profiles as well as with multi-function details.

The simple and clean chromatic palette is matched with acid and synthetic nuances, black ad white’s easy chic style is in the limelight, while two-tone effects enhance metal accessories as well. An elegant collection, able to be a step ahead of trends. As a matter of fact, Kilesa has been providing since 2013 bags as precious as jewels, in which art, culture, history and environmental safeguard blend together in a product entirely handmade in Campania – innovative creations when it comes to materials and design, featuring top-notch quality standards and a more affordable target price compared to heavily branded accessories. Truly unique and recognizable, style- and customization-wise. Besides exclusive and certified natural tanned hides, Kilesa uses felts derived from the recycling of PET bottles, to be launched for the 2020-2021 F/W season: its EcoBag is much more than a mere product, it is the embodiment of an entrepreneurial strategy consistent with sustainable development parameters.

EcoBag Kilesa in recycled PET and made with vegetable tanned leather.

Bianca Imbembo, Kilesa’s driving force, enjoys sharing her passion for art as well: the collaboration with Alessandro Ciambrone, artist/painter and architect from Campania, lies at the core of the Tote Bags Artist Limited Edition project, that is, articles made with the finest hides entirely hand-painted with oil and acrylic techniques. The Royal Palace of Caserta, Vesuvio, Piazza del Plebiscito: the Campania-based Word Heritage Sites customize, in a modern and colourful way, true leather masterpieces, numbered and supplied with an authenticity certificate.

Perfectly in line with the contemporary context, the Campania-based company has been investing in online tools such as social media accounts – in collaboration with bloggers/influencers – and the e-commerce shop. And it has managed to win over fashion addicts worldwide: its success has reached Europe, Japan, South Korea and the UAE.