Lampa, Sustainability pioneer

Lampa, leader in the fashion sector when it comes to the manufacturing of buttons and studs, is among Europe’s first companies to get the “Benefit Corporation” business name.  

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Bird’s-eye view of the corporate headquarters

Prominent company in the field of high-end fashion, both nationwide and internationally, with more than forty years of experience and specialized in the design and manufacturing of studs, accessories and buttons to be used in the apparel, leatherware and footwear sectors. But, also a pioneer and benchmark for the entrepreneurial world when it comes to sustainability.

 These are the “distinctive traits” boasted by LAMPA, firm headquartered in Grumello del Monte (Bergamo province) whose change in business name was greenlighted in December 2019, thus switching from “Srl” to “Benefit Corporation”, the latter a legal status that, in this case, concerns full environmental safeguard.

Mirko Bertoli, General Manager Lampa
Mirko Bertoli, General Manager Lampa  

Such a recognition turned out to be a true reason for pride, as confirmed by the General Manager Mirko Bertoli when we met him at the corporate headquarters. “We set off on this journey five years ago, at the behest of the wishes of the group’s owners as well, when such an issue was not yet a priority,” he explained. “We were the pioneers in this field, given that we fully understood the strategic importance of a similar choice in the long term. Now, everybody is dealing with that and fashion houses are increasingly bent on asking more and more reassurance in terms of sustainability and traceability, without forgetting that the “corporate” adjective is an additional incentive for enterprises.

We have been supplying for quite some time recyclable, low-impact materials: in other words, LAMPA stands not only for the end product, but also for its manufacturing policy, including the installation of solar panels, electric machines and full in-house recycling. The transition from “Srl” to “Benefit Corporation” is no longer just a dream, but an objective that has finally come into place: in Europe, just a few companies can boast such an innovative business name. For us, it is both a prestigious achievement and a significant investment for the future.” “In order to get and then keep the “Benefit Corporation” company name,” explained the General Manager, “discerning parameters are required. For example, every year, you must point out goals and budgets to improve work environment and the product itself, besides proving to be at the forefront concerning cutting-edge machinery.

Undoubtedly, this is a choice entailing significant investments, but this is the way to the future, we will get a positive feedback business-wise in the short term. Our dialogue with the most prominent groups has already started, but it is not yet clear what kind of path these brands want to take: in their quest for sustainability, they have firstly turned to tanneries, then moved on to fabrics and, subsequently, to accessories.” As far as this strategic choice is concerned, LAMPA is definitely acknowledged as a forerunner. “It is now clear,” added Bertoli, “that worldwide, thanks also to revolution carried on by young people to safeguard the environment, we are heading towards zero impact.

The fashion world, a pivotal and vast sector, has embraced the idea a sustainability-oriented policy and, in the last few years, it has started to implement less invasive procedures, asking its partners to do the very same. This gives us the chance to provide fashion houses with a comprehensive, qualified package, featuring eco-friendly components and recycled materials. Before Christmas holidays, we signed a deal with enterprises using fishing nets’ and carpets’ scraps to make peculiar types of yarns, leaving the polymer for the processing of recycled nylon to us. Moreover, we can rely on collaborations with other firms that give us the chance to grind the material, the latter fully recycled by us. Always speaking about sustainability, we make sure that every batch we purchase is preemptively certified by the supplier and it must be fully used for production, so to avoid wastes.” Last but not least, let’s take a look at the firm’s economic situation. “For LAMPA,” stated Mirko, “2019 was a record-breaking year, as the turnover amounted to €17 million, strongly on the rise compared to the €14 million registered the previous year. It is a positive trend, ensured by the fact that we can provide a comprehensive range of accessories: from sporty to elegant ones, in addition to costume jewellery as well as studs for shoes and bags. This results in a multi-faceted array of products, including, for example, cord locks for apparel, backpacks and footwear, or classic buttons to be used for accessories and outerwear.”  

Lampa responded to the Coronavirus emergency with the development of LAMPAMASK, a line of washable, customizable and reusable masks useful for protecting itself in any situation, thanks to the quality and style of high fashion.  LINK to technical sheets and dealers