Lampa, Maxi chains: undisputed trend

Lampa, a Benefit Corporation specialized in the design and production of studs, buttons and accessories for haute couture garments and accessories

Lampa chose to attend latest Lineapelle edition in order to support the importance of “being there” and to do its part in the difficult period we’re all going through.

“The pandemic has accelerated the use of e-commerce, but our products cannot be sold remotely,” explains general manager Mirko Bertoli. “The physical presence is essential to convey the value of an article which requires to be seen and touched.” Despite the production interruption during the first lockdown, which resulted in a turnover loss of 15%, the company, headquartered in Grumello del Monte (Bergamo province), managed to launch several new items.

The XL size chain is one of the most driving trends for next season

“Maxi chains – continues Bertoli – are going to be a must for next season as they’ll enhance all accessories: necklaces, bracelets, costume jewelry, but above all shoulder straps for bags, belts, shoe details and even eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Obviously, the research focuses on lightness, made possible thanks to the use of ABS materials, and on galvanic finishes that embellish and enhance the light reflections on colors, gold, chromed steel. Another driving trend is the development of recyclable, regenerated, 100% organic materials and the reinterpretation of certain fastenings destined for technical-sport fashion.” Finally, the production of Coronavirus’ protective masks goes on: this product complies with current safety standards, it can be sanitized with soap and water or alcohol-based detergents, it’s reusable and, for a glamorous touch, it can feature customized colors.