LE BABE, True colors

le babe 

LE BABE, craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies blend together, giving life to creations designed for women who are not afraid of their femininity.

The perfect synergy between experience, research, innovation and art. LE BABE’s collections skillfully match craftsmanship and modern technologies, passion and the utmost precision throughout the processing cycle, as well as a keen eye for the evolution of fashion trends. 

The finest materials (luxury hides, creative fabrics and hi-tech components), refined details and an eyecatching chromatic palette: these are some of the distinctive traits of every single pair of shoes. The final result is a wide range of “super-comfortable” models featuring an unconventional, lively and fancy style, that perfectly fit the foot’s anatomical structure – specifically designed for dynamic women who are proud of their femininity, on the lookout for functional, yet elegant and glamorous accessories.
The brand LE BABE belongs to Ferca ’81, Friulian company managed by the Candusso family, that, thanks to its ongoing dedication, commitment and expertise, has managed to gain international recognition, becoming a byword for Italian quality and manufacturing excellence.