Style Leather and Fur February 2017

Fur magazine February 2017

Cover Nova Kaeru

This issue’s highlights

Fur takes it all / A wide range of interpretations Fall/Winter 2017-2018

Pastel tones and furs available in a wide range of solutions: long-haired, inlaid, classic and unstructured…Acknowledged in the past as a true luxury icon, a high-end piece of clothing, fur is experiencing a true makeover acquiring a new identity: as a matter of fact, it is the undisputed protagonist of the 2017-2018 Fall/Winter season, succeeding in winning over the heart of all women, independently of the age brackets, as well as in arousing the interest of a male audience. Both outerwear garments and accessories match refined and simpler features, giving life to truly one-of-a-kind creations. A combination of different nuances stands out in long-haired models; when used for long waistcoats, contrasting textures are put at the forefront; a chromatic palette favoring white and delicate pastel tones is perfect for a romantic and refined version; elegant brown shades and spotted patterns are chosen for more seductive solutions: in other words, fur wants to be the absolute star in both clothing and accessories collections. There are also fancy models featuring geometric patterns and colour waves that merge with floral motifs and highly creative inlay works. Always highly fascinating, fur never ceases to amaze, managing to combine luxury with casual style, male and female details, in a crescendo of visual and tactile emotions.