Style Leather and Fur September 2017

Fur magazine September 2017

Leather and Fur September 2017

This issue’s highlights


In view of the new processing techniques, leather treatments and nuances, designers launch on the market brand-new, undreamed-of collections featuring an artistic touch as well as a highly creative, elegant and peculiar style. Several trends are worth mentioning: floral motifs and other patterns boasting innovative embroideries and inlays; the finest materials are skillfully matched and overlapped. Leathers and furs have won over even the youngest generations, including the little girls that want to imitate their mothers’ style. Male fashion is also affected by these trends, thanks to post-modern, eye-catching outfits: furs are used to embellish a wide range of garments and accessories, from collars and sleeves up to jackets and coats. Napa leather, shearling and furs are successfully combined, giving life to captivating collections.