Leather Naturally welcomes 9 new members

Leather Naturally new membersLeather Naturally is pleased to announce that despite of the Covid19 situation, 9 new members joined Leather Naturally after the launch of the new membership fee model.  

The new members include: Vitelco, Khawaja Tanneries, Finco1865, Moore & Giles, Schill & Seilacher, van Oosterum Leder, Lederfabriek Gebr. Van Esch, Quimser and We Are SRL.

The new membership model allows both large and small companies to support the leather industry in education and promotion of leather via a membership fee model based on annual turnover. Annual fees range from USD 250/ for companies smaller with a turnover below USD 1 Million to USD 2.000/ for companies with a turnover above USD 10 Million.

For more information, please visit www.leathernaturally.org/Our-Story/Join or send an email to info@leathernaturally.org  

A video explaining the benefits of membership and the new fee model can be found here.