Leder Chimica, ‘Chemistry between you and leather’

leder chimica

The one concerning LEDER CHIMICA, specialized in the production of chemicals for hides and leather treatment, is a beautiful business and family history, now in its third generation and with an eye to the future.

Michele Zanconato, together with his two sons Enrico and Filippo, leading the company

Based in Arzignano, in the heart of the tanning district, and founded in 1986 by Gastone Zanconato, the company initially started its business by marketing and producing chemical products for the tanning sector. Today, LEDER CHIMICA, now led by Michele Zanconato, together with his two sons Enrico and Filippo, became a reference point for the research and production of leather chemicals, touching many sectors in which leather is used: clothing, furniture, footwear, coatings and automotive interiors, fashion accessories, just to mention the most important ones, whose end products are requested and appreciated all over the world.

“In the last years we have grown a lot – assures Michele Zanconato – above all thanks to the development related to the technical assistance we guarantee, the investment in increasingly innovative products and the attention to the environment. These have always been the main features of our company: in particular, the knowledge and dedication of its members to work have always guaranteed a constant development and complete customer satisfaction in the reference markets. The deep multi-year experience of our staff also offers a prompt reaction when the customer requests specific or customized products for special projects involving leather.

Among the leading products of the LEDER CHIMICA, ordered worldwide, stand out the fatliquor polymers, which guarantee the transformation of the hides, reducing the consumption of water and retanning agents, thus ensuring a high-quality wastewater, safeguarding the environment. “The range of fatliquors identifiable by the prefix LEDEROL are the maximum and concrete expression of our philosophy, which has always let us stand out among the many competitors on the market. We’ve been always committed to the total satisfaction of those who rely on us. The efforts in creating this line have been aimed at achieving a high-quality standard and an almost complete customization of the product in relation to the features required by the market but, above all, by the single customer. An appropriate selection of raw materials and an adequate transformation process have led us to obtain fatliquors boasting high performances and excellent general solidity.

A winning strategy that has led LEDER CHIMICA to establish itself on the Italian and foreign markets. “We have always based our development – adds Zanconato – on a very flexible work organization, with young, welltrained and motivated staff, able to interact with customers so to constantly improve the services offered. We offer cutting-edge, updated on-site technical consultancy, innovative products, precise shipping and orders. The experience of our technicians and the modern instrumentation of our research, development and quality control laboratories allow us to carry out independently any type of chemical and production investigation. This way, each product complies with the strictest specification, such as the ZDHC 2020, to name one, which will play an important role with the most demanding customers.

One of our favorite slogans is “Chemistry between you and leather”, which perfectly embodies our company philosophy. We usually make significant investments on innovative production technologies and storage equipment, so to process the orders within a few hours and to manage urgencies in the best possible way. Everything is done with the utmost respect for the current rules and laws both in the field of chemical production and of work safety: LEDER CHIMICA is certified ISO 9001: 2015, which is a real guarantee and a prestigious business card. The export branch and the entering into new markets has guaranteed the increase of the turnover in the last years.

“We work all over the world – concludes the owner of LEDER CHIMICA – and we foresee a further growth, that’s why we are looking for additional agents for areas not yet covered. Interesting markets are South America, Mexico and Asia; the latter is becoming increasingly important with countries like China, India and Bangladesh, but lately also Pakistan, South Korea and Vietnam, even if there’s a strong competition. For this reason, here in Arzignano we manage all contacts directly, with the help of competent agents and distributors that carry out all activities on-site. Compared to recent years, the growth of the Chinese market is slowing down a little, but all the Eastern countries are growing, as they’ve got plenty of raw material, that is, hides produced in their own countries.” www.lederchimica.com