LENZI EGISTO, Quality and innovation

Lenzi Egisto
Vaiano-based company specialized in the production of fabrics for the sports, hiking and safety sectors, Lenzi Egisto showcased its latest innovations at Lineapelle.

Quality and innovation. These are the two core values pursued by LENZI EGISTO, renowned company established in Prato in 1898 – whose headquarters is located in Vaiano, in the very same province -, specialized in the manufacturing of fabrics for the sports, outdoor and safety industries.

Daniele Leoni, Lenzi Egisto

Daniele Leoni, Lenzi Egisto’s I FF srl Sales Manager

At the latest edition of Lineapelle, the Tuscan firm put once again on display an ample range of innovative solutions, succeeding in arousing the interest of industry professionals who rushed to the corporate stand. “For this exhibition, we showcased cutting-edge collections,” explained Daniele Leoni, Sales Manager, when we met him at Lineapelle, “featuring new colours, more innovative patterns and different, thinner yarns, yet, at the same time, able to guarantee top-notch properties and performances. Quality was further improved as well, obviously not to the detriment of ergonomic design, of elegance and comfort.”

Lenzi Egisto

One of LENZI EGISTO’s flagships is the L-Protection range, that is, textile protective devices for the industrial, safety and ballistics sectors. “In the last few years,” added Leoni, “we have invested significant resources in R&D activities related to the safety footwear field, so as to be a step ahead of everyone when launching cutting-edge materials on the market. This is a difficult sector, where the right balance between safety, comfort and aesthetics is needed.

We have recently launched the new fabrics of the PUTEK line, featuring a great mechanical resistance, in particular to abrasion, impacts and acids, now accepted and widely used by the major manufacturers of safety footwear. 2020 may not be an easy year for the sector,” stated LENZI EGISTO’s Sales Manager, “nevertheless, we are confident, because we have been investing plenty of resources and we truly believe that results will prove us right. Currently, our export share amounts approximately to 40% and the most significant growth margins lie definitely abroad: given the premium quality and the added value of our articles, the USA are still our main end market, while most interesting destinations in Europe are Germany, France and Spain, besides Italy, the latter accounting for 60% of the corporate turnover.” www.lenziegisto.com