Luis Mora, Exclusivity and quality under the sign of innovation

Luis Mora

Founded in 1980 thanks to the enthusiasm of its namesake founder and his wife Maria José Martinez, Luis Mora, Spanish brand headquartered in Elche (Alicante) manufacturing footwear, leather goods and clothing accessories, is today an established company in the production of high-end fashion and luxury items.

Luis Mora

One step away from celebrating its fortieth birthday, Luis Mora, led by the second generation of the namesake family, still follows the same values on which it was founded: to maintain its role unchanged over time, the metal complement must evolve according to the trends, but without giving up on its identity, in a constant search for innovation and excellence.

A team of highly qualified technicians follows this concept supporting the customer step by step during the many stages of the production process, choosing the most suitable solutions according to the specific needs or developing customized projects that meet the creative needs of designers and stylists.
Luis Mora

A corporate philosophy always aimed at innovation and thorough qualitative research helped to expand over the years the offer of the company, which now covers the whole world of small parts and components with a worldwide distribution of products featuring an unmistakable added value: buckles, clamps, ornaments, rings, rivets, chains, buttons, heels and toe covers for women’s shoes boasting gold, silver, copper finishes in different ranges of intensity and brightness.

Each item features a precious design that makes it similar to real jewels. The personalized and highly innovative proposals are on display in the large showroom in Elche, where the fall-winter and spring-summer collections are cyclically showcased.
All the exclusive top-of-the-range processes and original designs, ready to fascinate the most demanding customers in every part of the world, are customizable and technologically advanced, as they’re manufactured with the most modern sustainable production techniques.