Mally shoes, A tribute to femininity

Mally shoes

Mally shoes, beautiful yet comfortable, suitable for both casual and elegant occasions. The constant monitoring of the fashion trends for the next spring/summer season results in a fascinating chromatic palette and in stylish details: the skilled workmanship and the careful selection of hides and materials convey the desire of the Marche-based company to provide high-quality, reliable shoes.

Mally shoes, is an Italian company present in the footwear industry for more than twenty years, specialized in hand-crafted leather shoes for women of all ages our products. comfortable and elegant.

Mally shoes
We have our own designers, who, thanks to leading edge tools, study styles and fashion trends to meet the women needs with shoes that are beautiful yet practical for every-day tasks, elegant for the evening and special events cutting, that is performed after designing, is one of the most important tasks, because proper and careful choice of leather is a key factor for a production line to be successful.

Bordering and sewing are hand made in our workshops by old-tradition skilled shoemakers, using artisan techniques, so that the shoe progressively adapts its shape to the foot, becoming comfortable, easy to dress and robust.

We have chosen this kind of manufacturing because we want to provide a product that is comfortable and dressy, with a competitive price, keeping all design, research and development in italy. to give you the high quality you expect for a made in Italy branded product.