MANAKAS – Tradition in Fur

manakas frankfurt
For over four generations, the Manakas family represents the main flagship of fur in Europe. The headquarters of the company are located in Frankfurt, Germany, like the brand name MANAKAS FRANKFURT represents, and it operates in an International Business Network. Next beside the head office the company confirms his presence with numerous showrooms in all the fashion capitals of the world.

With the opening of strategic locations and with the undisputed entrepreneurial spirit of the family MANAKAS, nowadays the German brand represents the biggest fur garments manufacturer and producer in Europe. Continuing to be a point of reference in the luxury fashion and an excellence of garments and materials. The Manakas path continues, always with a big research of details and shapes , where the style and the quality are confirmed. Tradition blends with innovation, with the intention of always keeping up with the times, and continuing to dress a modern woman with great charm and elegance.

manakas frankfurt

MANAKAS – Cooperation with BLACKGLAMA®

The finest qualities can only come from care and responsibility BLACKGLAMA® products combine superb quality with an unquestionable sense of style and sophistication. As trend- setting, style- savvy fashion connoisseurs who demand the BLACKGLAMA® name know, these attributes distinguish BLACKGLAMA® as elite and incomparable. BLACKGLAMA® is a quality seal for the purest and noblest mink products with a special focus on a clean, natural and animal welfare production.

The classic intention of the certification BLACKGLAMA® represents luxury, elegance and a legendary style. For the customer, this special award reflects sensitivity and responsibility of the value of natural resources. Qualified researchers, developers and manufacturers of BLACKGLAMA® fur, are concentrated in preservation and the continuous optimization of global standards. All BLACKGLAMA® labeled mink originate from Origin Assured farms. Origin Assured farms adhere to strict governmental and agricultural guidelines and regulations that govern mink production, ensuring the highest standard of humane care. The finest quality comes from the finest care. 

manakas frankfurt

MANAKAS – Cooperation with LORO PIANA S.p.A.

From the winter collection of 2016 MANAKAS furs started working together with the luxurious Italian brand LORO PIANA S. p. A. Loro Piana is the largest cashmere and baby cashmere manufacturer in the western world. The finest lots of this precious fibre come from Northern China and Mongolia.

The cashmere that reaches Loro Piana’ s own standards of excellence is then transformed into superior quality yarns, fabrics, accessories, garments and knitwear, all of which is produced through a combination of sophisticated technology, a profound knowledge of textiles and a lifelong commitment to achieving the highest possible quality in the final product.