Mec Man, make way to the flagship

 MEC MAN simac 2019

At the February 2019 edition of Tanning Tech, MEC MAN showcased a huge machine that, as confirmed by the firm’s owner Marco Agostini, “it was the largest one on display during the exhibition, yet not the biggest in our range.” As a matter of fact, MecGiant 9.0 can be described as the flagship model of the company based in Lugo di Vicenza, a machine firstly installed in December 2018 at Unipel, an enterprise headquartered in Montorso (in the Arzignano’s tanning district, Ed.): currently, it is the world’s biggest leather vacuum dryer, as the size of its layers amounts to 9.0 x 3.4 metres.


MEC MAN’s team at Tanning Tech 2019

Such a feature allows to markedly increase productivity, while keeping the managing costs stable: by implementing a 9-meter machine, it is possible to get close to the same level of production efficiency guaranteed by two standard 7-meter dryers. “It’s a truly ground-breaking innovation,” stated MEC MAN’s owner, “that will win over both the domestic and the international market. Besides, from summer 2019, we will rely on a show room, located in our new headquarters.”

MEC MAN’s stand at Tanning Tech 2019

However, size is not the only feature standing out, since the quality of the end product is what truly makes the difference. “Once processed,” explained Agostini, “leathers are more uniform, natural and, after the drying phase, softer to the touch, thanks to the significant decrease in the drying temperature (-20%) provided by the IceVacuum system. Worth mentioning also another factor, closely tied to our strategy concerning noise reduction and environmental safeguard: as a matter of fact, the state-of-the-art technological innovations implemented by MEC MAN have succeeded in lowering both electric and heat consumption, respectively by 5% and up to 40%.”

The Italian company has no intention to stop there, since it keeps developing new solutions, testing cutting-edge plants that will definitely shake up the vacuum dryer market: we are looking forward to seeing what MEC MAN has in store. According to them, 2019 will be another amazing year.