METALBOTTONI, Vànita, for the luxury and sportswear market


The experience in metal processing acquired by Metalbottoni has resulted in a new accessories collection that can add value to the finished product. It’s called Vànita and it’s a brand-new combination between refined elements, quality and performance. The new accessories collection for luxury leather goods and for the sportswear sector designed by Metalbottoni, renowned company based in Chiuduno (Bergamo province), provides infinite solutions and plenty of customization opportunities thanks to the distinctive traits of its materials and to the ongoing product research carried on by the in-house Style Department.

The range of solutions dedicated to luxury leatherware comprises metal articles featuring refined galvanic finishes as well as clasps, hooks, rings and bags’ handles boasting original, fascinating interpretations.


The brand-new Vànita collection designed by Metalbottoni for luxury leather goods and for the sportswear sector

On the other hand, the line designed for the sporting and technical goods sector perfectly combines a marked aesthetic taste with even higher performances, by using top-notch materials and an elegant, yet functional design. Clasps for backpacks, snap-hooks, hooks and eyelets in either nylon or metal – an ample selection of creations further enhanced by rubber-coated finishes, metallic effect and 3D processing techniques.