Minucoop, After the 40th anniversary, we are committed to getting back on track

Customer satisfaction: this is Minucoop’s top priority, a goal achieved thanks to its well-established know-how, to its experience and to its ample array of top-quality products.

Minucoop’s production technology plunges its roots in a long-standing tradition, that is, laminates’ cold moulding, an activity carried out in the Paduan area for over 120 years. Over its forty years of experience in the business, Minucoop has managed to strengthen its technological and management assets, so as to provide a comprehensive range of rivets, eyelets and buttons to the metal accessories market in the leatherware and apparel sectors. We carry out all the stages of the manufacturing process in-house, with the exception of raw materials provision.

The production and storage area amounts to more than 9000 sqm., on an overall surface of 17,000 sqm. The design department, the toolroom, the moulding and assembly divisions develop thousands of articles, available even in specifically customized versions that further widen the array of basic products. In this period of marked market slowdown, both domestically and internationally, caused by the Covid19 pandemic, our organizational set-up and corporate structure, grounded in the self-determination of our 40 partners-employees, is way more flexible and suitable to withstand the crisis’ unavoidable economic impact. Response capacity keeps playing a key role and has become even faster, in the hope of getting back into business and achieving fruitful results.