MINUCOOP, small metal parts for the fashion industry

MINUCOOP, specialized in the moulding of small metal parts for the fashion industry, attended the exhibition for the first time, so as to promote its product portfolio and to scout out new customers.


Minucoop’s stand at Lineapelle: from the left, Graziano Ennio, Diego De Rossi, Elisa Bonini

Minucoop, the Veneto-based company specialized in the manufacturing of metal accessories for the apparel, leatherware and footwear sectors, made its debut at Lineapelle. As a matter of fact, the industrial cooperative – an example of collective enterprise whose partners are workers and entrepreneurs at the same time – took part in the exhibition for the first time, putting on display the whole range of eyelets, rivets and snaps: an ample array of articles that, over the years, has succeeded in winning over an international, highly demanding clientele with a keen eye for details.

“Minucoop’s attendance at such a strategic event as Lineapelle,” underlined Diego De Rossi, head of the sales department, “was deemed imperative in order to effectively strengthen the firm’s market position and its brand reputation.


The ultimate goal was to show, even with videos, to both our well-established customers and to new acquaintances proceeding from all over the world, the potential of our organization, able to stand out on a local scale as well as internationally.


” The firm’s participation in Lineapelle resulted in a positive feedback, thus contributing to strengthen the existing relations as well as to scout out new contacts, especially when it comes to foreign customers. Minucoop relies solely on certified Italian galvanic treatments. Production flexibility and a multi-faceted array of articles go hand in hand with top-notch automation and a cutting-edge machinery range: the headquarters based in Cornegliana, in the town Due Carrare, features a technical design and customization office, a mechanical workshop, a large assembly unit, a well-provided warehouse – for both raw materials and semi-finished items, ready to be quickly handled according to orders’ specifications and delivery schedules -, sales/administrative offices as well as an order development division that allow to process 50% of the goods within sixteen working hours. www.minucoop.it