MINUCOOP S.C., the 40th anniversary of a collective history made up of technical and organizational passion

Minucoop S.C., at the service of fashion, respecting the environment. The Paduan company, specialized in the design, production and sale of metal accessories.

In the sector, it represents a circular-economy SME to be supported.  Micro solutions for macro performance. This is the claim of MINUCOOP, based in Due Carrare (Padua province) and specialized in the production of metal laminates accessories, also intended for the high fashion sector. The company boasts a collective commercial history, whose partners are both workers and entrepreneurs. Since its foundation in 1980, MINUCOOP has been able to win over the trust of a demanding clientele who is attentive to detail, coming mostly from abroad. Currently more than 300 customers among wholesalers, producers of complementary articles, clothing, jeans and footwear companies rely on the quality and precision of MINUCOOP creations to design of their collections. The wide assortment is guaranteed by the support of high-end automation and modern machines; most of the company’s capitals have been invested in technology and production process: today the headquarters feature over 40 members / skilled workers operating on approximately 17 thousand square meters (out of which 8 thousand are indoor) owned by the cooperative. The factory is equipped with a technical design and customization office, a mechanical workshop, a large assembly unit, a well-provided warehouse – for both raw materials and semi-finished items, ready to be quickly handled according to orders’ specifications and delivery schedules -, sales/administrative offices as well as an order development division that allow to process 50% of the goods within sixteen working hours. The metal articles are made with the historical cold-drawing technique of metal sheet through special molds designed in-house. MINUCOOP uses only certified Italian galvanic treatments and, beyond the standard catalogue, the company can also provide, in a brief amount of time, products available either in custom-made sizes or featuring personalized finishes: this particular care to customers has allowed it to be renowned in many foreign countries. In the high fashion sector, where eco-friendliness is more than a choice, the Paduan company stands out also thanks to the attention to the environment: each item, is in compliance with the increasingly restrictive regulations sanctioned by the international bodies.

Ermenegildo Cavallini
Ermenegildo Cavallini Minucoop

“Respect for the environment and sustainability – explains the manager Ermenegildo Cavallini – is not just a concept for us: we are equipped with new and modern machinery, able to guarantee lower consumption. Through our molding process, we obtain a light metal accessory using an increasingly lower amount of raw material. The waste storage is another pivotal topic in the field of sustainability, requiring very precise controls. All the specialized galvanic processes we rely on guarantee the highest quality of the whole chain, which is traced and therefore available to each customer.” We have the advantage of working different metals – concludes the manager of MINUCOOP – starting from INOX steel and brass. We work expensive metals and we make sure that any small processing residue is recovered to be sent back to the foundry and then be repurchased for subsequent processing.

In the end, the overall environmental problem is linked to the different components that are applied to fashion garments: companies like ours completely recycle its own waste, but at the end of a garment’s life, this insert, especially the metal ones, will hardly be given to specific recyclers; about this, there is still lots of work to do, for everybody.” www.minucoop.it