MLM Mazzola, magnetic snaps for the fashion industry

mlm mazzola
Designed for its clientele, including the most prominent leatherware brands, the articles developed by MLM Mazzola are steadily upgraded, resulting in increasingly effective and well-crafted solutions.

Cutting-edge magnetic snaps, locks and buttons, as well as new colours. These are the innovations displayed by MLM Mazzola at the latest edition of Lineapealle – prominent trade show where the company headquartered in Valganna, Varese province, always showcases a comprehensive range of small metal components for the leatherware and fashion industries (but also for the boating, safety and work sectors), standing out for their quality standards, care for details, customization level and technical performances. Functional design, excellent yield and aesthetic appeal are the values lying at the core of this constant upgrading process.

mlm mazzola

“The latest innovations,” explained Alessandro Mazzola, owner of the family-run business with his brother Cristiano and father Luigi, “concern magnetic snaps and buttons provided with a specific metal device that allows to effectively reduces magnetism-related issues within the bag. A strategic solution to avoid the demagnetization of cash and credit cards, without going to the detriment of performances. Another key element for the success of our articles regards colours: the most prominent fashion brands require more and more peculiar, precious nuances.

The new trends put in the limelight gold shades, especially the less traditional ones such as the darker brown tones. Polished, galvanic – frame or thickness – finishes, with protective and scratch-resistant films, are in great demand and we are investing significant resources in this field. Know-how and experience acquired in forty years of experience in the sector have given us the chance to provide, not only an increasingly sophisticated article, technically speaking, but also galvanic finishing and special painting able to meet all kinds of customization needs.”