MLM Mazzola, In love with excellence

Here are the distinctive traits of the Lombardy-based company specialized in the design and production of small metal parts for the fashion industry.

Designed for its clientele, including the most prominent leatherware brands, the articles developed by MLM Mazzola are steadily upgraded, resulting in increasingly effective and well-crafted solutions. Cutting-edge magnetic snaps, locks and buttons, as well as new colours. These are the innovations displayed by MLM Mazzola the company headquartered in Valganna, Varese province, always showcases a comprehensive range of small metal components for the leatherware and fashion industries (but also for the boating, safety and work sectors), standing out for their quality standards, care for details, customization level and technical performances. Functional design, excellent yield and aesthetic appeal are the values lying at the core of this constant upgrading process.

alessandro mazzola
Alessandro Mazzola

“The latest innovations,” explained Alessandro Mazzola, owner of the family-run business with his brother Cristiano and father Luigi, “concern magnetic snaps and buttons provided with a specific metal device that allows to effectively reduces magnetism-related issues within the bag. A strategic solution to avoid the demagnetization of cash and credit cards, without going to the detriment of performances. Another key element for the success of our articles regards colours: the most prominent fashion brands require more and more peculiar, precious nuances. The new trends put in the limelight gold shades, especially the less traditional ones such as the darker brown tones. Polished, galvanic – frame or thickness – finishes, with protective and scratch-resistant films, are in great demand and we are investing significant resources in this field. Know-how and experience acquired in forty years of experience in the sector have given us the chance to provide, not only an increasingly sophisticated article, technically speaking, but also galvanic finishing and special painting able to meet all kinds of customization needs.” Leader in the magnetic snaps sector, the company has been investing significantly in product quality and service customization. Established in 1970 as a small-sized firm focused on the production of pull-tab springs, MLM Mazzola is headquartered in Valganna, Varese province, one of the prominent business clusters when it comes to the leatherware accessories sector. In the early ‘80s, given the great interest stirred in Japan by magnetic snaps, Luigi Mazzola chose to take on this new adventure and convert the production accordingly. Over the years, it has become a true benchmark in this field, thus widening the range of accessories for high-end leather goods. Alessandro Mazzola and his brother Cristiano explained the reasons behind the corporate success.

Alessandro Mazzola, how have you managed to gain a strong foothold in the highly demanding fashion market? “We are a family-run business able to meet promptly all the needs and demands of both large- and small-sized productions. We pursue an open, direct dialogue with the clientele, to whom we provide timely responses and efficient solutions. We are a real partner, we work mainly on the design supplied by the customer, guaranteeing a customized service that can effectively fulfill each request and turn them into top-quality end products. The latter entirely manufactured in Italy and fully compliant with the US and European standards.

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What is your core business? “We are very well-known in the field of magnetic fasteners for the leatherware industry. We have started producing them back in the ‘80s, by relying on a sound mechanical experience. Over the years, we have been paying more and more attention to details and quality, devising not only standard models, but also increasingly sophisticated, technically advanced articles. Each season, we launch new solutions, investing significant resources in research and product customization. We have won over the fashion market thanks to an ample range of samples that, in addition to magnetic snaps, comprises buckles, carabiners, rings for shoulder straps, closures for bags, purses and folders, as well as all kinds of chains and small metal parts.”

mlm mazzola
Can you tell us more about the evolution experienced by magnetic snaps over the years? “Research aims at steadily improving the aesthetic and performance standards of said products. In the last few years, we have been investing in the almost mirror polishing of some metals. In order to face China and India’s fierce competition,” stated Cristiano Mazzola, “since the mid ‘90s, we have been focusing more and more on a niche production, more precious and refined, thus providing polished, frame-galvanic and relief finishes, as well as scratch-resistant packaging. Corrosion resistance is a pivotal added value for the prominent brands that export their goods to countries such as Korea, Japan, China and the UAE, where, due to extremely damp weather, there is a demand for galvanic treatments able to prevent rusting. We supply fasteners for an ample variety of assembly solutions – that is, with flaps, with rivets, screws or for machine fastening – as well as magnetic buttons to be either sewn or inserted inside leather articles and fabrics; some models are covered with insulating material so as to avoid problems during the washing operations. Each accessory can be customized by adding engraving and laser-cut motifs. Besides traditional products, we have gradually developed self-centering solutions, thinner and more stable. The force of attraction is measured according to the required yield; coated, on the one side in brass, while, on the other, in iron, the new magnets are designed to prevent the demagnetization of debit and credit cards kept in the bag or inside the wallet.”

What about your end markets? “Italy and foreign markets account for 50% of the turnover respectively. We export to North Africa, to South America and Russia,” confirmed Alessandro.

What are your expectations for the sector in this post-Covid phase? “The global fashion market is definitely facing some difficulties. However, after the summer break, there might be some improvements. We take comfort in the fact that foreign brands are more and more interested in top-quality accessories made in Italy.”