Nastrificio Angelo Valera, The art of elegance

Nastrificio Angelo Valera
Nastrificio Angelo Valera, whose roots date back to 1951, is the leading company in the production of yarn-dyed grosgrain ribbons.

Entrepreneurial and family success: Nastrificio Angelo Valera is a company based in Concorezzo (Monza-Brianza province), close to Milan, leader in the manufacturing of yarn-dyed grosgrain ribbons. A “saga” that is quickly approaching its 70th anniversary (the celebrations will take place in 2021), as the firm was founded in 1951 by the head of the family, Angelo Valera – who then proceeded to give his name to the enterprise itself, now in its third generation. In the years following the hardships and destruction of WWII, the business kicked off using shuttle frames for the production of grosgrain ribbons available in different sizes and colours. Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, the firm grew steadily and, due to the increase in and to the automation of production processes, it has succeeded in upgrading and in widening its array of articles: lightweight and heavy ribbons, canvas, herringbone, satin, tubular or striped solutions, in natural, artificial and synthetic fibres, just to name a few. Since the ‘60s, the company has been paying close attention to the fashion sector, strongly relying on the innovation-oriented attitude of the founder’s children and grandchildren, who have actively contributed to its technological and structural evolution. Featuring a 4500 sqm. area, the firm currently has at its disposal a huge amount of ribbons, so as to promptly handle all types of orders.

Nastrificio Angelo Valera sede
“To keep up the pace with an increasingly demanding and competitive market,” explained the corporate representatives, during an interesting visit to the enterprise’s headquarters, “we have widened and branched out our production, investing time and resources in research projects concerning new articles and materials. The constant commitment and the ongoing research allow us to keep manufacturing and launching innovative solutions as well as to rapidly meet all sorts of requests. Production and communication strategies, aimed at positioning the brand in the textile accessories market and at strengthening the corporate identity, have given us the chance to seize, among the various challenges set by foreign countries, new and interesting opportunities.

Nastrificio Angelo Valera

All the products are available in different versions in terms of structure, types of yarn, combinations of colors, widths, and weight.

What kind of entrepreneurial strategies have you pursued? Production-related choices and constant technical updates, both in terms of plants and manufacturing processes, have given us the opportunity to improve, qualify and branch out our catalogue. The firm has been steadily investing significant resources in the experimentation and in research, giving life to brand-new articles, thus falling into step with the ever-changing demands of a market strongly influenced by fashion and trends. Over the years, thanks to a young, dynamic philosophy, we have acquired and established a strong trust and respect bond with the clientele. 

Nastrificio Angelo Valera

What are the needs put forward by the domestic and by the foreign market? The company manages to fulfil an ample range of requests, thus developing a “Custom-made” article, tailored on each single customer. Production diversification allows us to address different end sectors, especially apparel, leatherware, shoe factories, garment manufacturers, haberdasheries, hat factories, but also industrial applications, sports and packaging fields. All the while, we guarantee the ribbon’s versatility, since it is not just a simple accessory, but a highly distinctive element. Our catalogue comprises an ample range of articles, all made in Italy, available in different versions in terms of structure, types of yarn, combinations of colors, widths, and weight. Such a creative dynamism results in the development of two collections per year, Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter, showcased on the occasion of the trade shows we usually attend. 

Is there a product in which Nastrificio Angelo Valera can identify itself? New Zenith is undoubtedly the most representative article in our catalogue and it has truly contributed to the firm’s success in the fashion sector: it is a cotton grosgrain ribbon, acetate and yarn-dyed, provided in seven widths and 130 colours in Stock Service,. The wide availability allows us to quickly meet the needs of the customers, both wholesalers and garment manufacturers. Moreover, its elegance and versatility make it the perfect solution, as a structural and decorative element, for multiple uses.   

Nastrificio Angelo Valera

New Zenith is the most representative article in the corporate catalogue – a cotton, acetate, yarn-dyed ribbon, available in seven widths and 130 colours

What is your stance in terms of eco-sustainability? We have got the Standard 100 certification by Oeko-Tex®, an internationally renowned and qualified body. The most prominent fashion houses have been implementing increasingly stricter specifications, paying close attention to sustainability and to the respect for the supply chain. As we are sensitive to issues concerning the environment and life quality, we purchase and employ only eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous products, with a keen eye for the use of recycled yarns. Textile developments aim at creativity and originality, in full compliance with regulations concerning people’s health and environmental safeguard, the latter acknowledged as true guidelines when it comes to the design of products and collections. 

One last question: what is your true flagship? Definitely quality, a concept that, thanks to the implementation of cutting-edge machinery, is applied to processes as well. The meticulous in-house organization helps us pick and use raw materials provided by qualified suppliers, while carrying out tests throughout the processing cycle. The constant search for “Total Quality” gives us the chance to guarantee a bespoke service, resulting in a high creative and technological value for the whole production. Special attention is paid to the packaging phase, taking into account both practical and aesthetic factors, and using only eco-friendly products.