ALDO BRUÉ, Classy and comfortable


Since 1946 Aldo Bruè shoes are synonyms with the art of shoemaking, with creativity in the styles and materials, experience in the most ancient production techniques, and the ability to reinterpret them.

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MICAM in Wonderland


#micamtales, Creativity, dreams and genius: MICAM, the shoe industry’s leading international fair, is poised to transform the world of footwear into a fantasy universe imbued with the enchanted atmosphere of the world’s most famous fairy-tales.

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King Farhad Royal 
Established in 2015, the brand manufactures high-end footwear collections, synonymous with premium quality, classy design and authentic elegance. King Farhad Royal Fashion Design owes its royal style to its namesake and founder,

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FALKO ROSSO, The best of the Made in Italy

The true quality of the Italian craftsmanship, the sartorial tradition of unequaled class: Falko Rosso creations stand out for their style in between casual and elegance, always in line with the most fashionable trends.

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Style Shoes&Bags Gennaio 2020

STYLE SHOES&BAGS GENNAIO 2020, Shoes and Bags Magazine, readers: buyers, specialized outlets, shops and international department stores. Editorial Contents: advance trend information, latest collections, colour palettes,

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LE BABE, True colors

le babe 

LE BABE, craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies blend together, giving life to creations designed for women who are not afraid of their femininity.

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Dotz Bellezza sostenibile

Dotz Sustainable beauty The Brazilian footwear brand fosters an alternative business pattern in which shoes are pieces of art made collectively, in full compliance with the ethical value of quality.

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CAMPOMAGGI Timeless beauty


The models designed by Campomaggi, renowned Italian brand that wisely interprets current fashion trends to create bags and small leather accessories, are all made with the most sought-after leathers.

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Style Dicembre 2019

Cover Guardolificio Tre-bi

STYLE DICEMBRE 2019, Material, Technology and Fashion Components Magazine.

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CALPIERRE The uniqueness of handmade shoes


Since 1964, Calpierre creates small masterpieces of high-end leatherware thanks to the passion of its Neapolitan master craftsmen, renowned worldwide for their tanning and manufacturing skills.

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FLY FLOT, First steps in the kitchen


FLY FLOT, company based in Calvisano ( BS ), specialized in the field of comfortable footwear, has been focusing on the wellbeing of those professionals that, in the food & beverage industry, spend a lot time standing.

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Gemata, New finishing features with release paper

Gemata, headquartered in Trissino and world’s leader in the field of leather finishing plants, is at the forefront in the production and installation of finishing technologies using release paper: EcoFinish and Green-Finish are the latest innovations.

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NEXUS Automation systems: under control

NEXUS Automation headquartered in Montorso (Vicenza province) provides an ample range of solutions, featuring real-time remote assistance. The most prominent tanning groups rely on this technology.

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GSC Group, low-impact finishing systems for the AUTOMOTIVE sector

GSC Group, Arzignano-based company, worldwide acknowledged as a benchmark for the tanning sector, presented the results of a reliable study on the occasion of the XXXV IULTCS Congress: spotlights on solutions aimed at reducing VOC emissions of hides for the automotive sector.

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DMS International, Cutting-edge solutions for the tanning industry

DMS International
Development of innovative and performing machinery, installation at the factory and dedicated after-sales services: DMS International is establishing itself on the market as a reliable partner of tanneries, as it’s able to broadcast customer requests and to promptly solve all types of issues.

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