ANZANI Machinery, Family tradition in the field of footwear machinery


Anzani Machinery is a historic company headquartered in Parabiago (Milan province), specialized in the manufacturing of machinery for shoe, sole and upper factories as well as for apparel and leatherware enterprises. Established in 1953 by Giuseppe Anzani, it deals with the production of lasting conveyors, sewing conveyors and heat treatment machines: conditioning, ironing, stabilization of shoes, glue drying and reactivation.

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GUSBI, Solutions for polyurethane soles and footwear

Established in 1946, Gusbi firstly dealt with the manufacturing of machines for footwear processing featuring the “Goodyear” processing technique; then, it has then focused its attention on the production of solutions for the low-pressure vulcanization of rubber soles directly onto the upper as well as of PVC injection machines.

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OVERMEC, Punta alla sostenibilità


Established in 1996, Overmec is a leading company in the making of manual automatic and robotic systems for adhesive application. To provide technologies for the application of a new generation of eco-friendly, water-based adhesives in the field of footwear and leatherware manufacturing. Since its inception, Overmec has chosen to pay close attention to environmental sustainability. A concept that encompasses the sustainability of the industrial system, environmental impact, occupational safety and quality of the end product. Keeping well ahead of times, Overmec has committed to foster sustainability and the quality of solvent-free solutions.

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OTTOGALLI, A history aimed at the future


A long tradition is that of Ottogalli, producing injection machines for the footwear industry and beyond. Each machine is built, assembled and tested in the plant based in Albignasego (Padua province); it is afterwards sold in Italy or abroad. Everything takes place in an indoor building large around 3000 square meters where a highly qualified staff works. 

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COMELZ, Constant growth and innovation



It was the first company to ever implement electronic parts and CNC plants (in the late ‘60s) for leather cutting operations. Established in 1943 in Vigevano, Comelz has kept on improving: as a matter of fact, in 1983, it integrated hardware and software components, while, in 2000, it has launched on the market the first generations of knife cutting machinery.

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UNIMATIK New drums for the high-end fashion sector

Federico Taddei, Officina Meccanica TADDEI – UNIMATIK

A new laboratory drum, featuring a smaller size than average: this one of the most interesting innovations on display at the February 2019 edition of Tanning Tech by Officina Meccanica TADDEI, company headquartered in Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa province), in the Tuscan leather district.

“Let’s say that this model,” explained Federico Taddei, owner of the firm established in 1995 and specialized in the design and manufacturing of innovative machines for the tanning, re-tanning, dyeing and greasing processes under the brand UNIMATIK, “is placed in-between our sizes range. A choice made not only due to the stand’s limited space, but also because there is a stronger demand for compact drums, as they are able to guarantee top-quality end products.

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S.F. OFFICINA MECCANICA 1930 “Gems” on display


Two new tanning machines, designed to enhance ergonomics and functionality, ready to “storm” the domestic and global markets. These are innovations put on display last February, at the Tanning Tech exhibition, by S.F. OFFICINA MECCANICA 1930, the company established by Gino Soldani and headquartered in Montopoli in Val d’Arno (Pisa province) that, for three generations, has been manufacturing tanning machines for the processing of exotic, precious hides.

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SILVATEAM, the passion for plant-based extracts


“Plant-based extracts are our passion.” This is the slogan chosen by SILVATEAM, on display inside the corporate stand set up for the latest edition of the Simac Tanning Tech exhibition, held in February at the Rho-fieramilano fairgrounds. Owned by the Battaglia family, the Group dates back to 1854, when Mr. Camperi established the first plant in Corsaglia di Frabosa (Cuneo province) for the extraction of tannins from chestnut trees, a very common type of plant in the area.

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NEXUS Automation 4.0 in balance between present and future

“In our company, Industry 4.0 stands for a well-established strategy as well as for a working method and a production philosophy,” stated Mirco Roncolato, area manager at NEXUS, at the latest edition of Tanning Tech. Established in 1998 and headquartered in Montorso Vicentino, right in the heart of the Arzignano’s tanning district, the company can rely on a staff of technicians featuring a long-standing experience in the field of industrial automation: as a matter of fact, NEXUS is specialized in the design and manufacturing of both electric and electronic equipment for the automation of tanning plants and machinery.

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REVOMEC, alta qualità al servizio della moda

Fabio Gecchele e Manuel Zordan

At the February 2019 edition of Simac Tanning Tech, the stand set up by REVOMEC registered significant turnoutlevels and aroused plenty of interest. Headquartered in the Arzignano’s tanning district, the Trissino-based companyis specialized in the manufacturing and sales of leather processing machinery. “Ours is a small-sized firm that favours first-rate quality over large production volumes. However, in this way, we are able to forge a close, special bond with our customers, since we work side by side with them and we are able to meet their requests,” pointed out Fabio Gecchele, a young entrepreneur who started off the company in 2011.

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WEGA Providing cutting-edge technology


To develop and provide state-of-the-art technologies: this is the corporate mission pursued by WEGA. Specialized in the production of tanning machines, designed to measure finished, semi-finished and wet-blue hides, this brand has grown into a strategic benchmark for the international industrial tanning industry, synonymous with the excellence of Italian manufacturing. Headquartered in Arzignano (Vicenza province), in the heart of the “Leather Valley”, the company deals with the application of electronics to the leather processing cycle.

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ROTOMEC NEWTON rotary press: here comes the future


The company based in Montebello Vicentino was established fairly recently, in 2013, and yet it has rapidly grown into a prominent name in the tanning sector. Founded five and a half years ago, grown rapidly into a well-established enterprise in the tanning sector, currently on the rise. This is the story of ROTOMEC, firm headquartered in Montebello Vicentino and specialized in the design and production of through-feed ironing and embossing machines. An adventure that started off in September 2013, but that relies also on the long-standing expertise of the managing partners, a group of young, highly qualified entrepreneurs: Milo Marcon, Pietro Rosa and Fabio Rovetti.

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PAJUSCO TECNOLOGIE nuove strumentazioni applicabili a ogni macchina

At the February 2019 edition of Tanning Tech, PAJUSCO TECNOLOGIE, company based in Montebello Vicentino, in the Arzignano’s tanning district, showcased a few new patents, thus confirming its ability to act well in advance in terms of market developments as well as strengthening its status as an internationally renowned company specialized in the design and manufacturing of innovative equipment for the tanning industry.

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OFFICINE DI CARTIGLIANO, il “Paese dei balocchi”

Officine di Cartigliano

Leader in the design and production of tanning machinery, OFFICINE DI CARTIGLIANO company based near Vicenza now features a state-of-the-art “Testing Centre”.

“A few months ago, a group of tanning technicians came to visit our “Testing Centre”, a truly one-of-a-kind facility, and called it “Wonderland”: this is one of the most creative compliments we have ever received,” stated Antonio “Toni” Polato, president of OFFICINE DI CARTIGLIANO – world leader in the design and manufacturing of machinery for the tanning industry, more specifically drying plants and leather conditioning units, staking machines, radio-frequency plants for polymers drying and crystallization as well as for the pasteurization and sterilization of both liquid and semi-liquid food, and, last but not least, sludge drying systems.

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SPRAYTECH, una presenza globale spinta dall’innovazione

spraytechEstablished by professionals with more than thirty years of experience in the business, SPRAYTECH deals with the design and manufacturing of systems and accessories for industrial painting; at the same time, it is an internationally renowned enterprise in the field of cutting-edge automations and special plants as well, thus providing the clientele with innovative solutions.

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Marc Cain, A tribute to creativity

Marc Cain
Marc Cain bags are a true tribute to elegance and creativity. Each model features a functional and evergreen design and it’s made with fine, skillfully crafted leathers; be it a practical bowling bag or a sporty-looking belt bag, the Marc Cain style always highlights glamour.

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Gallery SHOES Opening edition N°5

Gallery SHOES 5

International Tradeshow for Shoes & Accessories 1-3 September 2019, Düsseldorf

Gallery SHOES edition N° 5, has an exciting vibe with an open, extremely varied, individual roundup of brands that are fascinating, impressive and highly modern. This is where the industry comes together to inform themselves, place orders, re-order and maintain their networks.

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POLYFLEX Walk without getting tired


Comfort, easiness and attention to the fashion trends: this is the philosophy of Polyflex, whose lines of slippers and sandals, also designed for the health sector and for a professional use, are becoming popular in Italy and abroad. For over fifty years, the company has been using the best materials to produce shoes with a high technological content, boasting specific requirements, including anatomic features, thermal insulation, lightness, flexibility, while remaining aesthetically appealing and fashionable.

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Buckhouse, elegant shoes with character


Buckhouse, 2012 gave birth to a brand backed by 60+ years of experience crafting quality leather goods, built on a heritage spanning three generations of footwear specialists, born with strong roots.

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WEALTH minuterie metalliche, Ground- breaking technology

WEALTH minuterie metalliche

To keep up one’s competitiveness means to focus on steady improving and upgrading, carrying out R&D projects that involve the entire corporate organization and structure. This is one of the core values fostered by Wealth, Italian enterprise specialized, since 1994, in the design, manufacturing and sales of a wide range of small metal parts – ranging from classic snap buttons, eyelets, rivets and vela eyelets, up to bespoke details tailored on the clientele’s specific projects such as those made in zamak, brass, nylon and plastic for the fashion sector.

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