STYLE June 2020

style june 2020
Cover Guardolificio Tre-bi

STYLE GIUGNO 2020, Material, Technology and Fashion Components Magazine.


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Lampa, Sustainability pioneer

Lampa, leader in the fashion sector when it comes to the manufacturing of buttons and studs, is among Europe’s first companies to get the “Benefit Corporation” business name.  

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Italiana Accessori Partner to luxury

italiana accessori

Italiana Accessori is specialized in the design and production of decorations and accessories for the most renowned fashion brands. Its added-value products enhance the identity and character of footwear, leather goods and clothing items.

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Plaginsa, Sustainable soles

plaginsa bio crep

The new collection designed by Plaginsa for the 2020 conveys the Spanish company’s steady commitment to environmental safeguard.

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Takplast Thermoplastic components since 1972


Acknowledged as one of the most qualified and reliable manufacturers in the soles and heels sector, Takplast is able to meet the demands of the leading Italian and European shoe factories. State-of-the-art technology, steady in-house research, partnerships with the best designers, all resulting in a constantly upgraded product, in line with the latest fashion trends.

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Valfussbett Dry Go! and humidity goes away

Valfussbett Dry Go!

The insoles produced by Valfussbett, the Veneto-based company, has transformed the whole sector boasting comfort features well above average. Removable, thermo-moulded insoles, footbeds for sandals, plates, inserts, heel cups, wedges.

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Piccadilly, comfort is in fashion

The Grings family leads the Piccadilly brand since its foundation in 1955. The third generation of industrialists has decided to implement important changes and innovations, challenging a market that is certainly not in its best years.

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SINTEX GIDUE 2.0: “Magic” in the time of Covid-19

In the midst of a pandemic, the Veneto-based company worked to guarantee the start-up and the implementation of a sophisticated machine, over 50-metre-long, on the other side of the world For two and a half weeks, eight technicians and engineers (five based in Italy and three in China) worked together, via chat, for ten hours a day: a unique example of innovative start-up

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MAISON FAGIANO Mediterranean style

Maison Fagiano
French designer, Italian craftmanship and a love for the Mediterranean Sea: here is the formula to make Maison Fagiano’s unique bags. Maison Fagiano’s bags have the Mediterranean sea in their DNA.

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Fly Flot Sustainability made in Italy

Fly Flot features a new environment-friendly product: the company headquartered in Brescia province is at the forefront in the field of comfortable footwear, providing quality solutions designed to meet all types of needs and demands.

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Abc Morini acquired by Mandarin Capital

Abc Morini Mandarin Capital
After buying Eurmoda, Mandarin Capital, now also acquires Abc Morini. The goal of the private equity fund is to the is to create an Italian pole of suppliers for luxury companies.

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GMVENEZIA, each creation is made with an exclusive animal picture and displays the signature of Gianni Maitan and every single image is matched with the leather colour to emphasize and make unique the wearer’s personal style.

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