CAPRICE sets personal course for the years ahead

Maximilan Mang (Head of Marketing, left), Christian Burmeister (Head of Sales International & E-Comerce, middle) and Karsten Bolle (Head of Sales D-A-CH, right) will take on new leading positions at CAPRICE starting May 1st.

The junior generation of the German-based shoe manufacturer and an experienced veteran, move up into the middle management.

As of May 1st, CAPRICE is undergoing a personnel restructuring and is installing new middle management positions in the key areas of sales, marketing, production control and development.

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Valentino shoes, endless charm

Valentino shoes
Refined and modern, suitable for all occasions. The footwear collections launched by Valentino Shoes (licensed by Mario Valentino) are designed to fully meet the needs and requests of contemporary men, constantly on the move, yet with a keen eye for quality, comfort and a touch of genuine elegance.

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Artioli, Passion for style and quality

Artioli calzature

Artioli’s creations boast beauty, elegance and attention to detail. Since the early ‘900, the footwear company skillfully blends the value of craftsmanship to fashion trends in order to create shoes of great value, resulting from the work of expert hands.

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Raffaele D’Amelio, INNOVATIVE CLASSIC Timeless quality

Raffaele D’Amelio

Passion for details, craftsmanship: the excellence of Italian manufacturing is perfectly embodied in the collections designed by Raffaele D’Amelio brand headquartered in Campania, the latter synonymous with a long-standing footwear tradition.

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Finproject opens a new plant in Mexico to grown in the world

Finproject Messico

Finproject has announced the opening of a new production facility in Mexico, in the footwear and automotive district of Leòn, which will implement research, development and achievement of high-tech products for footwear and other industrial segments. This facility will mainly work for the brand Crocs and for many Mexican and North American shoe factories.

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H:CE Luxury on snow Quality and unique style.

The brand based in the Marche region designs fashionable shoes combining a comfortable fit and technical functionality. From Milan to Copenhagen, from Kiev to Vienna, from Florence to Brussels, from Moscow to Prague, up to Berlin.

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EXPOPELE by PT Leather InDesign, Alcanena April 11th and 12th

Over almost 2 years and covering 3 seasons, the Portuguese Leather Cluster has developed an innovative Leather Design Project that started from trend presentations to develop the finished leathers, presenting these in a TrendBook and made into leather goods prototypes.

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Com – Creation of Minds, EASY-GOING, NEVER ORDINARY

Com – Creation of Minds

The reinterpretation of the classic takes shape in the collection signed by Com – Creation of Minds, a Portuguese brand that skillfully interprets the latest trends in a fashionable and captivating line, including ankle boots and brogues.

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Guido Cami re-elected President of adhesives and sealants Avisa

Guido Cami ICF Group

Ing. Guido Cami President of adhesives and sealants Avisa

Guido Cami, president of the ICF Group, was re-elected President of the Adhesives and Sealants Group of Avisa (Association of paints, inks, sealants and adhesives) for the second consecutive term, Federchimica sector association, part of Confindustria. The mandate lasts three years.

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CallagHan Reinventing comfort and design


CallagHan Spanish brand, that attended the latest edition of Micam, keeps carrying on its differentiation strategy by providing a product featuring topnotch performances and unparalleled comfort. 

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Cappelletti launches a dynamic, gritty collection, featuring sneakers and boots revisited in their most ironic and casual version to face everyday life with a whimsical approach.

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Luís Onofre appointed as new CEC President

Luís Onofre new CEC President

The Portuguese businessman Luís Onofre, and current Apiccaps President, will take over the new office as the head of the European Confederation of the Footwear Industry in May. In the upcoming months, the European footwear industry is set to deal with several brand-new challenges, both on local and on a global scale, that encompass a wide range of topical issues.

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CUOIO DI TOSCANA, is an ambassador for the Italian manufacture worldwide

Cuoio di Toscana
Cuoio di Toscana gathers under one roof seven companies, which are part of the tanning district between Santa Croce sull’Arno (Bonistalli and Stefanelli Spa) and San Miniato (CMC International Spa Group, Gi-Elle- Emme Spa Conceria, Otello Cuoificio, Lamonti Cuoio Spa , Conceria 3S Srl and Volpi Concerie Srl), for a total of 200 employees.

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Miguel Vieira

Miguel Vieira – renowned Portuguese designer whose models have been showcased on the world’s most famous catwalks since the ‘90s – attended the latest edition of Micam, by launching a highly creative 2019-2020 Fall/Winter collection.

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Praised by customers and professionals who admire the timeless appeal of a pair of well-crafted shoes, Perks attended the latest edition of Micam, where it showcased the 2019-2020 Fall/Winter collection, featuring models for both men and women, thus confirming the brand’s contemporary stance in terms of style and formality.

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SCHOTT NYC a byword for adventure and true emotions


SCHOTT NYC – internationally renowned enterprise based in NYC specialized in the design and production of leather garments, such as leather jackets, bikers’ outfits, trousers, chaps and woolen coats – celebrated its 100th anniversary.

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THE FLEXX Shoes to love

The FLEXX has launched the new models for the next Fall/ Winter season, with a keen eye for the latest fashion trends. A short name, easy to remember, recognizable worldwide, that perfectly conveys the distinctive traits of their footwear collections: flexible soft and pleasant to wear. The brand The FLEXX was established in 2006, yet it can rely on a well-established know-how acquired over the years by the founders, the Kaiser family, in the field of women’s shoes since the mid XIX century.

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