Uzurii, Dedication leads to PERFECTION

Uzurii, Brazilian-Dutch brand has achieved global success, thanks to its one-of-a-kind, exclusive creations, officially launched in 2011, the brand Uzurii Luxury Footwear represents the ultimate fulfillment of the dreams carried on over the years by its founder and lead designer, that is, Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos – dreams pursued throughout her childhood in the Amazon rain forest, and later in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, as well as after her move to the Netherlands when she was 13.

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CONCERIA ITALIANA quality and creativity

Conceria Italiana

The hides manufactured by Conceria Italiana, company based in Castelfranco di Sotto, are able to meet the fashion industry’s needs as well as to win over renowned domestic and foreign brands.

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Pelletteria Charlotte, “Made in Italy” quality

Pelletteria charlotte

Boasting more than thirty years of experience, Pelletteria Charlotte is specialized in the production of leather fashion accessories for the mid/high-end market. Thanks to its well-established know-how and expertise, the Italian brand has launched two lines – CHARLOTTE and MARCHETTI UOMO, featuring respectively creations for women and men.

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Francal 51, One of the world’s main shoe fairs

francal 51

One of the world’s main shoe fairs, Francal 51 introduces a new concept in 2019 unique and exclusive space that offers multiple experiences to the retail market, while importers find releases of great Brazilian brands to satisfy the consumers of their countries.

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Gallery SHOES, Düsseldorf 10 – 12 March 2019

Gallery SHOES

Gallery SHOES International Tradeshow for Shoes & Accessories

For the fourth time, a fully booked Gallery SHOES will be opening its doors from 10-12 March 2019 – and is proving to be a whole lot more than just a functional order platform for shoes and the accompanying collections! In a very short time, Gallery SHOES has become a competent industry get-together for the European shoe business that provides visitors with a wealth of useful information: this makes it unparalleled and unique, and not only in Germany!

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REPTILIS, the commitment to sustainable tanning


Reptilis, sustainable productivity, traceability and environmental safeguard: the Tuscan company has always been at the forefront in the development and manufacturing of quality products in full compliance with all the safety specifications as well as with the international regulations.

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Style Modainpelle February 2019

Style Modainpelle Febbraio 2019

Style Modainpelle February 2019, Shoes and Bags Magazine, readers: buyers, specialized outlets, shops and international department stores. Editorial Contents: advance trend information, latest collections, colour palettes, opinions from industry leaders, general news and key events.

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METALBOTTONI, Vànita, for the luxury and sportswear market


The experience in metal processing acquired by Metalbottoni has resulted in a new accessories collection that can add value to the finished product. It’s called Vànita and it’s a brand-new combination between refined elements, quality and performance.

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Bali Bali, The enchanting frangipane

bali bali

A trip to Bali to discover an exclusive variety of “Positano style” sandals and handmade flip-flops for a woman always in search of something new. The Bali Bali SS20 collection is a unique experience that smells like frangipani, a “made in Bali” discovery that speaks about creativity and elegance.

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Coats Opti, the sustainable zip

Coats Opti zippers

Coats Opti the zippers EcoVerde S and M are made with yarns derived from the recycle of plastic bottles. Thanks to the brand Opti, the multinational corporation Coats – boasting more than seventy plants worldwide for the production of yarns – is the world’s second largest manufacturer of zippers to be used in the apparel, footwear and accessories sectors.

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Massimiliano Incas

Massimiliano Incas, From the heart of Tuscany come bags and leather accessories processed in a unique way, meant for contemporary men and women in the lookout for the quality of Italian crafts.

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Gommus Go!Zero, the eco-friendly sole


Go!Zero is the perfect answer to a specific request: to design products that fully respect the environment throughout their life cycle. The project carried on by Gommus, Marche-based company that strongly believes in the need to implement an eco-friendly model as well as in the use of low-impact materials, is the result of an in-depth research that has led to the launch on the market of a wholly non-hazardous compound for soles moulding.

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FN PLATFORM ’19, Plenty of novelties in store for the uncoming February edition


FN PLATFORM, such a steady commitment has resulted in the implementation of a few changes concerning the next edition of the trade show, scheduled from February 5th to 7th, 2019, in the Las Vegas Convention Center. First of all, the fair is going to move to the North Hall (from the South Hall used previously), so as to be closer to the Central Hall where WWDMAGIC is held, thus ensuring the utmost efficiency from a logistics point of view and favouring cross-boundary partnerships, putting footwear and apparel collections side by side.

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Miperval minuterie metalliche dal 1963

Miperval is a company in Arcisate (VA), founded in 1963 and specializes in the production of accessories and items for leather goods, suitcases, belts, shoe factories and clothing.

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SYN-BIOS, tradition and innovation

For thirty years, the mission of SYN-BIOS has been to flank the constant production and supply of products of acclaimed success with the continuous proposal of innovative solutions that anticipate the clients’ needs. All in complete respect of the increasingly severe national and international regulations and equally demanding technical specifications.

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Minucoop is at the service of creativity for the fashion accessory


Minucoop, the story of this collective enterprise (where each business partner is, at the same time, worker and entrepreneur), focused on the design, production and sale of small metal parts to be used in the fashion industry, started in 1989; since then, it has managed to gain the confidence of a demanding clientele, both from Italy and, most of all, from abroad, that always keeps a watchful eye on details. More than 300 customers including wholesalers, manufacturers of complementary items, factories, clothing, jeans as well as footwear brands: they all rely on the quality and precision of the creations design ed by Minucoop in order to give life to their collections.

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COONTEMPORARYMOOD Woman Collection, Milano February 22 – 25, 2019

Coontemporarymood Woman Collection

On the occasion of the Milan FashionWeek SS 2019, to be held February 22-25. Coontemporarymood Woman Collection, the showcase focusing on ready-to-wear collections and accessories. opens its nineteenth edition featuring ltalian and international brands, three days of TrunkShow and over 600sqm of exhibition space meant to host buyers, trade operators and the press.

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