NOA COMPLEMENTS from Sevilla is a young brand that chose wood as its symbolic material. Wood coming from sustainable forests and vegetabletanned leather form a perfect match.

It all started with a bike. Tbk Bike, a company that produces wooden bikes, had been asked to produce a bike with a winery’s french oak wine barrels, a bike destined to a dream trip during which it had to collect some “treasures” along the road. Where could these items be stored during the trip? Noa Complements’ bags and briefcases were born to satisfy this particular need and, in the following years, the brand has created a complete collection: shoulder bags, belt bags, clutches, backpacks and briefcases.

The common denominator of all products is the use of wood, a rather unusual material in the fashion industry, coupled with leather. A precise choice made in the direction of sustainability: both wood and leather are natural and recyclable materials.

And there’s more. Noa chose to use only wood coming from sustainable forests in which for each tree cut, three are planted. In addition to this, they only use vegetable tanned leather, so when the time comes to throw away the bag, its components will be easily recycled: wood can be recycled and reused multiple times and leather can be recycled until, in the end, it will become organic compost. Noa’s sustainable philosophy goes beyond the choice of natural raw materials. Commitment is a key word for the company, who aims to establish a relationship of mutual trust with suppliers and collaborators. Noa is a transparent brand and its actions are backed by the SAER Distinction granted by AYMA consultant, which guarantees the commitment assumed by the company towards a sustainable productive model.

Designing for the future means, for Noa, constant innovation: this is true for materials and for designers. In addition to its own collection, the company offers limited edition bags made with the contribution of other artists: authors, designers, fashion lovers and also photographers, chefs, musicians… anyone who can bring added value with his creativity is welcome. Noa’s bags are all characterized by simple and pure forms, primitive colors and the ever-present reference to nature given by the wooden sides.