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NR Rapisardi

Tight bond with the corporate roots and forward-looking attitude, tradition and creativity: NR Rapisardi provides stylish collections, designed to meet the customers’ needs. The beginning of NR Rapisardi’s history dates back to the early years of the XX century, when the Rapisardi family, a noble Sicilian house, took on the manufacturing and distribution of shoes: the first turning point came to be in 1959, when Giancarlo Rapisardi established the company. The combination between tradition and tight bond with local suppliers kept lying at the core of the corporate philosophy even in 1982, when the founder’s son, Nicolò, took over the firm, resulting in the implementation of important technological innovations.

Barbara Anzilotti Rapisardi

Barbara Anzilotti Rapisardi, at the helm of the family-run business since 2003

In 2003, Barbara Anzilotti Rapisardi, Nicolò’s wife, was appointed at the helm of the family-run business: under her management, international distribution has been strengthened and, thanks to her personal touch, she has succeeded in boosting the brand’s image, leading to the launch of an ample range of original, versatile articles, in line with the tastes of contemporary women. Nowadays, NR Rapisardi is an internationally renowned firm, committed to the expansion of its sale and retail network, especially in highly strategic markets, supported by significant investments in marketing and communication. All the creations developed by the brand are entirely made in Italy by skilled craftsmen and feature an interesting combination of natural and ecofriendly materials, while guaranteeing the utmost comfort and practicality, an elegant design and eye-catching style – models devised to meet the needs of modern, dynamic women, who enjoy traveling, discovering new things and sharing life experiences.

famiglia Rapisardi

The Rapisardi family

Among the lines that have caught the clientele’s attention, there is undoubtedly the Stretch your life collection, whose distinctive trait is the use of innovative materials derived from cereals and vegetable seeds, thus resulting in a product that is completely Animal Free, in compliance with the eponymous project carried on by LAV Italia. Equally successful the Red Label collection: boots, over-the-knee boots, ankle boots and sneakers in nubuck, technical fabrics and with animal patterns, designed to add a glamorous touch to all outfits. A special mention also for the launch of the sporty, casual male line.