Officine di Cartigliano, Always at the customer’s side

The president of Officine di Cartigliano Antonio Polato, with his staff

Although tanning remains the core business, over the years Officine di Cartigliano has enlarged its interests by developing radiofrequency sterilization and pasteurization systems for the food sector and dryers for sludge purification.

The drive for innovation has led to the creation of an entire R&D plant dedicated exclusively to the study of hides drying, conditioning and staking. A unique place, a “permanent fair” equipped with industrial-sized machines made available to customers, studied and designed to team-work with leather chemists and tanneries from all over the world. The aim is to find the best solutions and to ensure a qualitative upgrading of the crust, accentuating its dimensional, aesthetic and tactile features. Read More

“In normal times – explains Officine di Cartigliano’s President Antonio Polato – that’s where we welcome our customers throughout the year, so that they can test the performance of Cartigliano technology on their own leathers; during the pandemic we had to resort to a different type of experience.” ‘Stay where you are, we will come to you’ is the invitation to virtually access Officine di Cartigliano’s research and development department through the new online platform.

Virtual Trial is the innovative digital tool developed to allow the customer, once their sample leathers have been sent to the company, to enter a virtual testing room and view the reports. “Due to the current limitations to move, we decided to offer a customized virtual tour to test our systems and their enormous potential and get all the best answers.” Physically apart, close in research: Cartigliano never stops its studies.