OFFICINE DI CARTIGLIANO, il “Paese dei balocchi”

Officine di Cartigliano

Leader in the design and production of tanning machinery, OFFICINE DI CARTIGLIANO company based near Vicenza now features a state-of-the-art “Testing Centre”.

“A few months ago, a group of tanning technicians came to visit our “Testing Centre”, a truly one-of-a-kind facility, and called it “Wonderland”: this is one of the most creative compliments we have ever received,” stated Antonio “Toni” Polato, president of OFFICINE DI CARTIGLIANO – world leader in the design and manufacturing of machinery for the tanning industry, more specifically drying plants and leather conditioning units, staking machines, radio-frequency plants for polymers drying and crystallization as well as for the pasteurization and sterilization of both liquid and semi-liquid food, and, last but not least, sludge drying systems.

Officine di Cartigliano

Il team Officine di Cartigliano

Established in 1961 and featuring almost sixty years of experience concerning the study, development and production of plants for the passage from the wet to the dry phase, the Veneto-based company has launched and filed more than 300 patents: currently, it boasts the global leadership in the tanning sector, given that more than 75% of hides in the world are processed with CARTIGLIANO’s plants, equipped with cutting-edge, customized technologies that guarantee the utmost efficiency, flawless results as well as top-notch quality and performance standards.

“Within our company,” pointed out Polato, “the “Testing Centre” is a pivotal asset, perfectly integrated with the R&D Division: it’s a space purposefully conceived and designed to give to tanneries the chance to deepen their knowledge and experience concerning the drying, conditioning and staking processes. It’s a large-sized laboratory, open to technicians and entrepreneurs and visited by technical institutes students, hosting the main machines used by tanneries worldwide. Our systems can’t be sold with a leaflet, they must be understood and tested. For this reason, we bring the customers to our headquarters, so that they can actually process their hides and see first-hand the end product. It’s a permanent, specialized exhibition: this project has helped strengthen our leadership position. Our attitude is different from dealers’, as we deal with research and provide new customized technologies.”

Officine di Cartigliano

A daily challenge that, for OFFICINE DI CARTIGLIANO, results in significant costs and efforts in terms of energy and resources. “You need enthusiasm, a method and fortitude, and we convey these values to our employees,” explained Polato. “Each year, we invest 3 to 4 million euros in research project, but the main benefit is that we can constantly improve thanks to our partners and to the tests carried out in Cartigliano, thus setting up each machine according to the type of leather to be processed, so as to give an added value to the product. This is the core difference between us and the other companies. We have forged bonds with several Italian universities such as the one based in Padua and “Federico II” in Naples, but also with the CNR. We welcome technicians representing the major groups and, in rotation, chemicals engineers from all over the world, hosting internships: we keep exchanging information with them, thus fostering

an overall improvement. The future lies in research, this is the only way to grow and improve; many partners are thankful for the support we provide them with.”
“We do not sell machines, but technologies and know-how,” confirmed the president, “with a future-oriented attitude, constant innovations and brand-new projects. The ultimate goal is to help, to effectively support the customers, putting at their disposal ground-breaking plants and systems, the latter devised according to their specific production needs. We give to everyone the chance to combine their hides with our technologies: this is a pivotal part of our job. We have the opportunity to improve by comparing daily the experiences acquired in the premises based in two different continents: the in-house tests carried out in the Cartigliano headquarters and the work done in the Mexico-based plant, where we process 30 thousand hides per week, from the re-tanning phase to the dry product, supplying the world’s most prominent corporations such as Bader, Midori, Eagle and Garden State.”

At the latest edition of Tanning Tech, held in Milan last February, the stand set up by Officine di Cartigliano Spa was ideally “awarded” as the most futuristic one as well as praised for its elegance: it provided a magical atmosphere, featuring a starry sky on the ceiling and on the walls, similar to an astronomical observatory. On that occasion as well, the Italian firm succeeded in arousing everyone’s interest, including entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world, not only thanks to the “special effects”, but also by showcasing the prototype of a one-of-a-kind, technologically advanced laboratory dryer. “It is a highly sophisticated, future-oriented machine,” explained Lavinia Polato, purchase director, “that puts in the limelight a groundbreaking innovation: as a matter of fact, the new RF Finishing radiofrequency plant guarantees a marked reduction in energy and resources consumption, by relying on a drying system that allows to heat up only water, thus providing a less aggressive treatment and avoiding any yield loss. Since it doesn’t radiate heat directly on leather, it ensures excellent performance standards, resulting in materials soft to the touch and in prime-quality, internationally praised end products. It is no coincidence that said machines have been sold to and ordered by renowned companies worldwide. Worth mentioning also that these radiofrequency systems can be employed not only in the tanning sector, but also in the food industry to carry out several processes such as toasting dried fruit, sterilization, pasteurization and, in some countries, even crickets drying! We can proudly say this: we are the drying masters.”