OOK, The breakthrough of equilibrium between crafting and industrialization

Since 2007 OOK Zippers has been supplying high quality metal zippers to a wide range of international clients.

As we know, the preformed V wire stamping and individual teeth assembling make the good quality zippers in terms of smoothness and style; however, zippers are usually made through ordinary, lower processes, letting the prices to be non-negotiable on the whole market. Since 2018 OOK technical and engineering team focused on improving the designs and the efficiency of production machinery. We are proud to launch the new series in the market this year. Ready Ready and Smooth, maintain the elegant craftsmanship features and offer competitive prices for a smart choice. OOK always keeps up with the market demands and trends, constantly innovating its products in order to let the customers grow their own businesses. www.ook.hk   

READY READY is made through the sequential preformed V wire stamping from OOK’s high-speed machines; the efficiency is multiple; the quality is high and the price is competitive. It is available in different types: open end, closed end, one way or two ways run, continuous chain.  

SMOOTH is made by assembling several individual teeth from one single process: the positioning of the teeth is precise, so to make them all to be well aligned, all at a reasonable price. Its name recalls the tempting outlook and excellent smoothness.