OVER STAMPI, increasingly innovative soles and bottoms

over stampi

The soles’ and bottoms’ sector has grown into a pivotal market for the fashion industry. As a matter of fact, these footwear components play a key role in enhancing the quality of the end product, and, for this reason, they must comply with top-notch standards in terms of materials and from an aesthetic point of view. Based in Cassolnovo (Pavia province), Over Stampi invests significant resources in research and development projects in order to provide first-rate, cutting-edge solutions.
Over Stampi’s production process starts with the 3D scanning of the models and shapes provided by the customer with laser, optical and mechanical equipment. Then, it comes the design and development phase in order to manage the simulation and the milling with the aid of advanced CAD/CAM systems. Before manufacturing the mould, upon the customer’s demand, it is performed the prototyping operation too. Next, it’s the milling, leading to the processing of the moulds by using either five- or six-axle workstations equipped with pellet. Last but not least, testing and moulding: all the moulds developed by Over Stampi are bench tested and then moulded with different types of machines. After all that, the machine is delivered to the customer.
During the latest edition of the Simac exhibition, the corporate management pointed out the excellent networking results as well as satisfying prospects for 2019. Among the innovations put on display, a special mention goes to the “double ring moulds” and to the “self-centering moulds”, solutions conceived to speed up moulds change procedures, thus eliminating any downtime. The company underlines the value of its all-Italian production. As a matter of fact, even though the clientele is international, the development and design operations are carried out in Italy, in order to highlight key values such as creativity, style and fashion. After the delivery, the customer care service provides the required assistance, in order to solve eventual issues and to keep satisfaction standards high.