Pajusco Tecnologie, Automation at a higher level

pajusco tecnologie
Pajusco Tecnologie, Automation at a higher level The company, based in Montebello Vicentino (Vicenza province), establishes its leading role in manufacturing and marketing cutting-edge technologies for the tanning sector.

Olimpio Storti, CEO Pajusco Tecnologie SpA
It also features the largest drum in the world  For over 60 years, PAJUSCO TECNOLOGIE has been manufacturing cuttingedge equipment for the tanning sector, specifically drums and automation systems, always keeping pace with times by constantly investing in innovative technologies, all regularly patented. Even in 2020, characterized by a market slowdown due to the pandemic, the company, based in the Arzignano leather district, launched a series of innovations, presented to trade operators at the 2020 edition of Simac Tanning Tech, held in Milan last February. At the international exhibition, that, as a matter of fact, was the very last one before the spread of the Covid-19 and related lockdowns, the company showcased the newly patented OBELIX PLASTICA, which raised great interest and curiosity. For reasons of space, OBELIX LEGNO, could not be displayed: it is the largest drum in the world, measuring 5 x 5 meters. This drum features a new model of side loading door and side checking door, that are equipped with a wireless security control at the end of the shift. But size is not the strength of the Vicenza-based company: the machines produced by PAJUSCO TECNOLOGIE are equipped with sophisticated techologies and control systems that make all production processes safe, cheap and reliable. Experience, research and assistance are the top values of the young pool of managers and technicians that lead this important business of the tanning sector.

“During 2019 – states Olimpio Storti, managing director of PAJUSCO TECNOLOGIE, whom we met at the end of October at the headquarter in Montebello – we launched the OBELIX drum; with its 4.8 x 5 meters it was already the largest drum in the world, we have sold it in many European countries and in Saudi Arabia. With the largest 5 x 5 meters model, we have established our total leadership. In addition to the dimensions, we have brought a further innovation to the drum, that is now equipped with larger side loading door and boasts a higher load capacity. Further steps forward have been made in terms of safety, for both the operator and the functionality of the machine itself. Everything was made according to the Industry 4.0 parameters and to our constant commitment to technological research, that has always represented a daily challenge for us.”  

In addition to those already mentioned, can you list the main innovations of 2020? “Until now, no one had ever bothered to guarantee a system connected to the closure of the drum doors: in the automatic ones it happens consequently, while in the manual ones our technologies support this procedure. We have chosen to add wireless security controls at the end of the shift that warn the operator of any anomaly. This “package” meets the needs of the operator: he can keep all the operations under control by simply viewing an industrial PLC. This system covers both the big and the small door, but also the manual drain valves of the drum bath which could have left open.”

Why so much innovation for a machine that is traditionally considered simple? “To further improve and refine the safety-related system, already presented in 2019 and concerning additional devices that “warn” the operator directly, for example when the oil level is low or the gearbox has exceeded a certain temperature: in the event that this occurs, we also developed an automatic supports control system in case the temperature is too high. Such a system is able to avoid breaks: reliability is now an almost obligatory condition, especially for large tanneries that cannot afford downtimes. This is another step in terms of reliability and guarantee for the customer, who can check the situation through the displayable warning lights, similar to those supplied in the cars we use every day. Further help comes from new technologies, given that everything can be kept under control through smartphones, computers and other modern devices.”

What other innovations did you launch this year? “We launched a type of filter called ‘drain filter’, that we patented: it is big news, we are the very first to offer it and once it was launched on the market it immediately met with great interest. The filter is inserted inside the “golosa”, conveyed in the unloading area. It’s not immediately visible as it’s covered by a construction that also simplifies its maintenance.”

Will you keep on being precursor in the tanning world? “The goal is to stay on top by designing those innovations for an ever more direct and precise control of the machinery. Every tannery in every part of the world has at least one spinning drum, but the added value is represented by the different set-ups and options: we have studies, technologies and patents. Having a large drum to work a considerable quantity of hides is not enough, the winning strategy is to guarantee an excellent final result. The secret lies in producing, with little water, many top-quality leathers that can only be obtained with the control and overall safety of the drum. One of our prerogatives is linked to the fact that PAJUSCO uses patented technologies, everything is created in-house, we don’t purchase almost anything outside. A feature that is highly appreciated by our customers.”

How did you spend the coronavirus period in spring? “We stopped working during the lockdown, as required by law, then once back we resumed contact with customers and agents around the world. The expiring contracts remained on stand-by and then moved forward. Luckily, in March we had work until the end of the year, but the problem is that, working mainly with foreign countries, we had difficulties in moving our technicians, as well as couriers. At the beginning of summer, we could feel the recovery not only in the district of Arzignano, but even in Europe; much less in the rest of the world. However, during the lockdown we sold a drum in India, also in this case I believe we were the only ones to succeed. Then we placed another one in Russia: the assembly was carried out remotely. We are currently installing one in the USA. Despite the crisis, September was particularly interesting for the Arzignano area where we sold three new automations to three local tanneries.”

Will you continue to invest in new technologies? “Absolutely, we will do it in the years to come, with the same commitment. Our balance sheet in terms of research and development activities is largely positive; let’s not forget that 2-3 years ago we started to upgrade our automation, restyling many features. Our level of automation is considerably ahead of the competition and in the end, we have been rewarded by the market: we succeded where no one probably thought it was possible to obtain a general and complete control of the machinery. Our equipment not only concerns the automation of the machine, but also the chemical products and management control, in addition to the patents that each single machine is equipped with. The good sales records of these systems have also allowed us to undertake interesting economies of scale which resulted in prices lowering. Our package is in line, and in some cases lower, than that offered by others. Overall, compared to than 10 years ago, this package is performing and less expensive.”