PAJUSCO TECNOLOGIE nuove strumentazioni applicabili a ogni macchina

At the February 2019 edition of Tanning Tech, PAJUSCO TECNOLOGIE, company based in Montebello Vicentino, in the Arzignano’s tanning district, showcased a few new patents, thus confirming its ability to act well in advance in terms of market developments as well as strengthening its status as an internationally renowned company specialized in the design and manufacturing of innovative equipment for the tanning industry.



“At Tanning Tech,” explained Olimpio Storti, PAJUSCO TECNOLOGIE Ceo, “we were met with great success, because we provided an exclusive overview of plenty of new solutions, the latter widely praised by the entrepreneurs. I am proud to say that, when it comes to certain sectors, we are the very first in the world to devise said innovations, and, even though they are later copied by others, we are able to keep providing increasingly advanced technologies. In our in-house laboratories and offices, we study, develop and manufacture cutting-edge equipment. We foster a practical attitude, not a theory-based one: tests are carried out in the tanneries based in Arzignano and, thanks to their collaboration, we upgrade the system, so that, when a new device is launched on the market, we know for sure that it works and if it is effective. The added value lies in the fact that these tools can be applied to all machines, thus giving us the chance to operate worldwide.”

What are the distinctive traits of the new innovations exhibited at Tanning Tech?
For the most part, the launch of the new technologies is related to the safeguard of the tanning machines, in order to avoid setbacks and damages, even serious and expensive ones, that might result in downtime. The concept is similar to the way our cars point out oil issues, high water temperature or the worn-out tread. However, our devices are equipped with a sound alarm system and, in some cases, even with the partial plant stoppage, giving to the employee the chance to reset the system and carry on working.

What are the most successful patents?
First of all, the one that entails the innovative placement of blades within the drum, able to guarantee recirculation, rain effect and the discharge system as well as a rapid mixing resulting in reduced consumption levels and in a higher automation. In addition to that, we have launched an automatic discharge system featuring the labelling of the chemicals in the tankers: in this way, during the loading phase, it is possible to closely monitor the operations and gather some pivotal data. In view of an increasingly sophisticated market, this is the best solution to have promptly at hand the required information. Moreover, we have developed a brand-new, smaller dyeing filter, that carries out both the filtering and the compacting procedures.

What other interesting innovations did you exhibit at Tanning Tech 2019?
The load cells for weight reading can be installed directly on the drum and on the existing supports, without requiring any change, thus resulting in a marked reduction in terms of time and costs. Another innovation is the supports’ automatic grease gun, an authentic breakthrough: up until now, greasing was a manual process and, therefore, in case of delays, either the support or the brass bearing could be damaged permanently. As far as temperature monitoring is concerned, we provide a double option: in addition to the data collected inside the drum, that must not exceed specific parameters, now it is possible to measure the reducer’s oil temperature, alongside the oil level, in real time.

In a sector still tied to traditions such as the tanning industry, new connection technologies are gaining a stronger foothold. What kind of solutions do you provide?
We are launching the automatic Wi-Fi port, that requires no boxes or other external accessories, thus resulting in a significantly simpler system, easy to use and less expensive, that gives us the chance to connect via remote with all plants independently of their geographic location. Last but not least, at Tanning Tech, we also exhibited a bath discharge sensor, provided with a pneumatic Wi-Fi valve, with no cables or other bulky systems, and a Wi-Fi probe for the monitoring of PH levels, that is, water alkalinity, the latter a very important tool, now available on the market in an upgraded version, perfectly calibrated.

In a nutshell, how do you sum up the entrepreneurial strategy pursed by PAJUSCO TECNOLOGIE?
Our distinctive trait is the ability to keep everything under control, starting with the supply of raw materials, the purchase and the storage of large quantities of the finest wood, the production of mechanical components and carpentry (PAJUSCO TECNOLOGIE owns the shares of a foundry, Ed.), the monitoring of the whole manufacturing cycle, up to the delivery of the finished plant, thus providing a comprehensive range of services. Thanks to a team of specialized engineers, we develop in-house software programmes as well: they are always open-source systems, without keys or passwords, thus giving to the companies the chance, if necessary, to turn to local suppliers for help.