Pajusco Tecnologie 2021, new patents on their way

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The pandemic does not slow down PAJUSCO: the company is still one of the market’s protagonists thanks to the unceasing development of modern technologies for the tanning sector  Covid-19 is holding back the world economy and, probably, this trend will continue at least throughout the first half of the current year.

Among the companies that have never stopped working but have only slowed down their growth, mainly due to travel difficulties, stands out PAJUSCO TECNOLOGIE, based in Montebello Vicentino (in the Arzignano leather district). From over 60 years the company has been manufacturing state-of-the-art systems for the tanning sector such as automations, drums and related accessories. In 2020, a year affected by the health pandemic, PAJUSCO stood out with a series of brand new technological solutions: thanks to the ability to be ahead of the times, the company will launch at least three-four more patents also in 2021.

Olimpio Storti Pajusco Tecnologie

Olimpio Storti, CEO Pajusco Tecnologie

“We have never stopped – states Olimpio Storti, Sales Manager of the company –. During the spring lockdown, as we were forced to turn off our machines, we implemented the R&D, a branch that always let us be at the forefront of our competitors. In particular, we had more time to focus on those details that we had studied years ago and that we were now able to deepen.”

From your point of view, what is the market situation in these first months of the year? “Some projects have been put on stand-by or slowed down due to the pandemic, but none canceled. We have always been in touch with our customers and we kept on working even during Christmas holidays. We received several orders, even from abroad, so we can say that we have profit margins for some months. Little by little the overall situation is improving: the markets are slowly restarting, even if we are far from the full-capacity we recorded in January 2020.”

What are the areas of the world where you notice the greatest signs of recovery? “Actually, none stands out. More than geographic areas, we notice single companies that are going through a renewal, perhaps related to new production sites that they had started building before the pandemic and where activities have now resumed. As far as we are concerned, we are following projects in several countries; we have been working worldwide for many years and therefore we want to keep on being active in those markets we were already operating before.”

What are the biggest concerns at the moment? “The main issue is the difficulty of traveling freely. Quarantines make the trips almost impossible in terms of time, even for the technicians who have to install new machinery. Apart from Europe, there are also problems in the delivering of plants and goods by ship.”

How much are you missing the trade fairs in the sector? “To be honest, very much. Our company sees international exhibitions and meetings as opportunities to showcase new machinery and projects, during which we can explain the operation to our partners and to new potential customers ‘live’. Personally, I don’t feel like a salesman but an entrepreneur who likes to explain the details of the product. And, although it was the only possible solution in recent months, virtual presentations and web videos are not the same thing.”

Could you disclose something about the 2021 news from PAJUSCO TECNOLOGIE? “We will be able to count on at least three new patents, some of which are already in the ‘green light’ phase. By now we cannot reveal anything but it will be a very innovative system that will let the customer have advantages in terms of money, space and time. It is a new machine which, even before being launched on the market, is achieving success: we already closed some deals and sold it.

Your company is leading a great project in Kazakhstan. What is it about? “A few years ago, we won the tender for the construction of the first turnkey tannery of Kubley, the most important local meat company in the country: compared to Italy, Kazakhstan is ten years behind, however it is dynamic and boasts a rising growth and GDP. We started from scratch, designing the entire production chain for wet blue. We chose only and exclusively Italian machinery, setting up drums with a completely automatic filtering system. The entire system is almost fully automatic and, above all, it is equipped with remote control, which turned to be essential lately.”

Why is that? “We starting to work on the project in 2019, but in 2020 the health pandemic broke out and we could no longer go to Kazakhstan. The managers of the reference group had deadlines to respect by virtue of the agreements also made with their own government, so we planned everything down to the smallest detail and, together with the technicians and software experts, we were able to run the tests and then start the entire plant entirely remotely, guaranteeing the start of production at full capacity.”

One last question: what strategies will you implement once the Covid emergency is over? “The same as always, based on the belief that our customers are increasingly looking for automation and innovation. Every investment is made towards the most advanced technology and, at the same time, we are requested for customization. Our strength has always been that of tailoring a product according to the needs – of power, space and use. Among our prerogative, no matter what requirements we are demanded, we can guarantee the same price: no other at this moment is able to do so.”