PAJUSCO TECONOLOGIE, Ready for new market challenges

r over 60 years, PAJUSCO TECNOLOGIE based in Montebello Vicentino, has been producing cutting-edge machinery and technologies for the tanning industry: innovative projects   for the whole world.

Undertaking and winning the new market challenges is still a priority. The company, based in the heart of the Arzignano leather district, has been producing cutting- edge machinery and technologies for the tanning industry for over half a century: an outstanding catalogue of machines equipped with control systems that make all production processes safe, cost-effective and reliable. Experience, research and assistance are the guiding values of the young pool of managers and technicians at PAJUSCO TECONOLOGIE. The brand, despite the unstable market especially at an international level, remains a benchmark in the sector.

Olimpio Storti Pajusco Tecnologie

Olimpio Storti Ceo of Pajusco Tecnologie

“The data of 2019 first semester – says the managing director Olimpio Storti- are in line with the previous year: that’s an important result considering the uncertain economic situation at international level. As our export quota is 75-80%, the international tensions worry us, but if on the one hand the future prospects in the East are still to be assessed, on the other there are new interesting areas, such as Central America and Eastern Europe, emerging countries with good growth prospects. We will keep on investing in these markets, as well as in the Italian market of course, conceiving modern projects and innovative automations so to make the machinery, starting from the drums, more and more efficient and ready  to respond to the needs of the customers. We are also renowned internationally as we’re able to internally monitor all the production and processing phases, from  the  purchasing  of  raw  materials  to  the  assembly  of  mechanical  parts, from the software development up to the delivery and installation, also offering an assistance global network to the customer. We are among the leaders in the creation of a tannery from scratch; such requests come mainly from areas where there are no tanning districts.”

“Moreover, concludes the CEO of PAJUSCO TECNOLOGIE we boast a deep know-how thanks to which we’re able to fulfill any request; thats why we produce drums made of steel, polypropylene or wood, so to satisfy any need while meeting the highest quality and performance standards. We’re among the first companies on the world market able to produce large-sized drums, as in the case of the OBELIX model (4.8 x 5 meters), which is still a very successful machine. I can proudly say that in the field of technologies we are often the first to launch new ideas, which may then be copied, but in the meantime, we develop and present more advanced ones. Our technical office and laboratories work unceasingly, studying and processing the innovations, anticipating the future demands of the market which, despite the difficult period, keeps on evolving and needs new ideas to guarantee greater quality and more environmental sustainability.”