Paolo Ferrara Capri’s style

Paolo Ferrara
A family-run business featuring a long-standing tradition, Paolo Ferrara is now an internationally renowned firm, praised for the quality and appeal of its creations.

Paolo Ferrara
A passion shared by four generations, able to keep up the pace with the passage of time as well as with the demands of an ever-changing market: Paolo Ferrara is a family-run business based in Naples, whose roots date back to the late XIX century, when Francesco Ferrara, current owner’s great-grandfather, established his own firm. The first great turning point took place in the ‘50s. “In 1954, my grandfather and my father filed the patent for the wood and aluminium stiletto heel, immediately praised by renowned stylists and designers” explained Paolo Ferrata, today at the helm of the Campania-based enterprise. “In the ‘60s, my father kicked off the production of the leather heel and, later on, of the typical Capri-style soles as well. In the ‘90s, Paolo Ferrara started developing the full article. We were at the forefront in doing this by relying on an industrial process and ours was definitely the first company to set up a stand fully dedicated to Capri-style sandals at Micam, in 1998. For some years now, I have been integrating the style division, designing all the models of the different collections.”

The brand’s flagships are undoubtedly the Capri sandals, that have managed to win over customers worldwide – women who enjoy wearing refined creations, on the lookout for accessories able to skilfully combine elegance, simplicity and comfort: an ample range of creations standing out for both the high quality of materials and processing techniques, and for the special attention paid to details and applications, the result of an in-depth style research.

A craft-inspired article, an example of the Italian manufacturing excellence, that has been met with great success well beyond the national borders. “We have always had foreign customers, especially Japanese, French and US ones. The world’s elite, so to say. More specifically, Japan has turned to be a country in which our articles have always got a positive feedback, from a quality as well as from a quantity perspective. In the last few years, we have been facing some difficulties due to, among other things, international matters, but we are bent on strengthening our foothold in such a strategic market. The same goes for the USA, another interesting destination for us,” confirmed Ferrara.