Piccadilly, comfort is in fashion

The Grings family leads the Piccadilly brand since its foundation in 1955. The third generation of industrialists has decided to implement important changes and innovations, challenging a market that is certainly not in its best years.

Team Piccadilly
But they were right: sales have increased and the new brand launched a few years ago in Brazil, So.Si, is now ready to face the international market. The right commercial strategies are accompanied by constant research and innovation in the technological field, with the aim of offering increasingly comfortable footwear to women, without compromising on style. And without forgetting about the environment. How did Piccadilly make this possible? We spoke with Felippe Tiago Fleck from Target Export at Micam to have the answer.

Piccadilly’s Team at Micam, February 2020

First of all, how do you rate your experience at this edition of Micam? It was the sixth or seventh time for us here in Milan. Despite the difficult international situation, the fair was a success for us. We are very satisfied, we had a lot of interest from the retailers, thanks also to our distributor in Italy who organized everything perfectly, bringing many retailers to our stand to see the new collections.

Have you shown important news at Micam? In Milan we were showing a new collection that was launched in Brazil in november 2019. But the big news for us is the So.Si brand.

Tell us something about this new project So.Si is a new brand we introduced recently. We have been working on it since 2015, it’s a different concept of footwear, modern, practical, you can recycle it, you can wash it… A whole new concept of shoe. Its main strenght is the adjustable fit that we obtained through an accurate design process and the use of elastane for the uppers and elastic and durable materials for the soles, maximizing the shoe’s flexibility. The result is a shoe that can adjust to your feet: every pair of shoes can fit two numbers. So.Si is a new brand but it fits in the wake of what Piccadilly has always done: providing women with modern, functional and above all comfortable shoes.

What are your plans for this new brand? This was the first time we showed So.Si to an international audience. We tried Brazil first, launching the brand some years ago and deciding to sell it only in flagship stores inside shopping malls, So.Si shoes are not sold in multibrand stores. It’s a new commercial strategy for us, a bit different from what we do with Piccadilly shoes, and we want to bring this idea to Europe and Asia too. www.piccadilly.com.br