Plaginsa, Respect for the environment and for animals

Over thirty years of experience, professionalism and passion: these are the keys of Plaginsa’s success. The company, leader among the sole manufacturers of the world, is today renowned for the quality and innovation of its ‘made in Spain’ articles for footwear.

In addition to boasting high production potential, Plaginsa is pleased to announce the coveted achievement of the ECOdesigned Footwear certification by INESCOP for its Neolite rubber sheets. A seal that certifies a production process with a low environmental impact, capable of promoting footwear eco-design.

As a matter of fact, the Neolite rubber sheets produced by Plaginsa, are not only made with sustainable materials, but also through an ecological production process, which does not make use of chemicals, equally guaranteeing durability in terms of density, hardness, resistance to abrasion, bending, traction and tearing.

In addition, all footwear made with Plaginsa materials can boast the VEGAN brand of the PeTA Foundation, which certifies the absence of any substance of animal origin during the production process.