Could you live without a pair of Portuguese shoes? You could, but it would not be the same.

As a matter of fact, Portuguese shoes have managed to win over the global market, acknowledged as a byword for design, quality and style: every year, over 80 million pairs of “made in Portugal” models are exported to 163 countries worldwide. A success that has played a key role in strengthening the Portuguese footwear sector’s reputation as the “sexiest industry in Europe”, putting in the limelight its long-standing craft tradition, the talent of its manpower, the quality of the raw materials used, the investments made for the implementation of cutting-edge technologies as well as its ability to promptly meet the customers’ demands and requirements.     

Equally noteworthy is the commitment shown by the industry professionals in terms of environmental sustainability, materials- and production-wise. A trend confirmed by the resources deployed for “The Action Plan of the Footwear Cluster for Sustainability”, that is, a project aimed at making the Portuguese footwear industry a leader when it comes to the development of innovative, eco-friendly solutions. Said Action Plan is divided into three axes (that is, Planet, People and Companies), featuring twelve measures and fifty initiatives that will help companies make their processes more sustainable. www.portugueseshoes.pt